5 Fascinating Birthday Themes For Adults

Fascinating Birthday Themes For Adults

Just because you are an adult does not mean the fun you have always had in birthday parties should go away. In fact, you can have more fun than ever by hosting birthday parties that have crazy themes your guests will love!Here are 5 innovative birthday party themes that will require a bit of hard work to execute – but will definitely make your birthday bash unforgettable.

Birthday Theme For Adults

The Movie Star Theme

The Movie Star Theme

Ask all your guests to dress and act like their favourite movie star. Become a star you admire, yourself and invite everyone to your party as if it were actually that star’s party. For instance, if you choose to become Brad Pitt, then let your invitation to others be from Brad Pitt!

It will be fun to watch each of your friends dressed like their favourite actor or actress. When they arrive for your party, give them a small plaque or trophy as you usher them in.

Later, when you all have eaten and have some time left over, arrange for a ‘mimicry session’. This means that each of your friends must act like the star he or she is dressed like, for a few minutes. They can act out some scenes from their favourite movie or just talk in the peculiar way in which that star generally talks. This can be a lot of fun!

To make this party theme even more prominent, make sure you decorate the party place so that it looks like the home of the actor or actress you have chosen to emulate. For instance, if you choose to become Brad Pitt for the day, let your girlfriend or wife dress like Angelina Jolie and let your house actually look like Brad’s house.

When your guests are about to depart, give them a photograph of you (looking like Brad) that is autographed by you. On the other side of the photograph, thank them for coming to your party and making your day.

The ‘Air Of Romance’ Theme

The ‘Air Of Romance’ Theme

A romantic theme is an all time favourite – no matter what specific interests you and your friends may have.

In this case, tell everyone to dress like he or she has just fallen in love. Also, everyone must come to the party as a couple – so no man or woman should come alone. As soon as a couple comes in, greet them by giving them a chocolate which must then be split into two and eaten by the couple.

Later, have a ‘proposal round’ where each man must propose marriage to the woman he’s come to the party with. Then, the woman needs to act out her reaction in a comic way. This will be incredibly funny and all your guests will feel a bit nervous but they will also love it!

Make sure that romantic music plays all along as the party continues. Also organize a dance session, where all the couples will get to dance together.When it is time to go, don’t forget to give everyone a romantic card that wishes them all the love in world.

The Mafia Theme

The Mafia Theme

A Mafia theme has traditionally been a man’s theme but even women can join in the fun.Everyone who comes to the party should come dressed like a Don or a Mafia King. As soon as they come, they need to say their trademark lines for everyone to hear. Make sure you decorate the place where you host the party in such a way that the ambience is dark and mysterious. The lights need to be dim.

This party will be a lot of fun because initially everyone will try to act like the character they represent but sooner or later, they will just burst into laughter and act absolutely unlike their character. That will be incredible to watch because their dresses and mannerisms will still remain like that of a Mafia Don!

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The Traditional Villager Theme

In a world where you and your friends may be living the corporate life day in and day out, it can be thrilling to dress like a traditional villager for one day.

What are the traditional clothes that people wear in villages in your country? What were the clothes they wore twenty or thirty years ago? Make sure your guests dress up like that when they attend your party. It will be fun to watch your friends and relatives in a costume that is so different from what they generally wear.

To make things even more interesting, let some traditional songs play during the party. Also, decorate the party place so that it gives off a feel of the countryside.

The Traditional Villager Theme

‘Not Me’ Theme

This is a unique theme that can make sure you all have the time of your life.

Every day, many of your friends and relatives dress in a specific way. Some people sport the latest trends while others wear bland and boring clothes. Yet others may wear bright and bold colours while some may generally dress in greys and blacks.

For this party, make sure everyone you invite does two things: they should dress in a way that’s completely opposite to how they generally dress and they should act at least once in a way in which they generally, never, ever act.

‘Not Me’ Theme

This will be fun to watch because you will see friends who generally dress in casual clothes sporting a very formal outfit while people who only wear formal clothes may come to the party wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt! Also, when everyone sees other people acting in a way they have never seen them behave, they will be in splits.

Imagine one of your friends who is a teetotaller acting like he’s drunk. Or, imagine a friend who is usually quite  informal, even with strangers, having an extremely formal conversation in a manner so unlike himself. This will be perfect after-dinner entertainment for everyone.

Of course, you should not forget, that you will also be a part of the ‘not me’ theme, and so you will have to arrange for an interesting outfit and a weird act yourself!

So there, those are some fun themes you can use at your birthday party. Feel free to spice up each theme as you like and even combine themes. Also, have a very happy birthday that is better than all the ones you have had before!