5 Fabulous Father’s Day Ideas For Kids

Fabulous Father's Day Ideas For Kids

You might not be a grown up yet, but there are many ways in which you can show your father just how much he means to you. After all, he is someone who is always trying his best to fulfill your desires, teach you things and give you his attention.

 Fabulous Father's Day Ideas For Kids

Here are 5 simple and fun ideas that your father will truly appreciate – especially on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Ideas For Kids

Dedicate A Drawing To Your Father

You might have sketched many times as part of your school assignments or just for fun. Well, remember that all fathers love drawings made by their children. They dote over them. So why not make your father’s day special by drawing a token of love for him?

Create the best drawing you have ever created and let it represent your love for your father. You can draw your father and you buying something at a shop. You can draw both of you sitting on a park bench. You can draw your dad and you celebrating your birthday. You can even draw your father watching you play baseball. Remember that one activity you perform most often with your father and draw that on paper. If you still have trouble, ask your teacher or mother to suggest some ideas. They will be excited to give you some tips.

Drawing is hard work but wouldn’t you love that smile on your dad’s face?Make sure to write a few lines depicting your feelings below the drawing. For instance, if you and your father take walks everyday and that is what you have drawn, then you can write something like ‘I love taking walks with you dad’, below the drawing.

This drawing is something your father will never forget. Fathers do not forget tokens of love from their children ever.

Dedicate A Drawing To Your Father

Write An Essay On Your Dad

You might have written many essays in school. This Father’s Day, write an essay dedicated to your dad.It is upto you to decide the title of the essay. Your title can be ’10 Reasons My Dad is the Best’ or it can be, ‘Why I Love My Dad’. Another possible title is ‘What I Think About My Dad’. Your father is very special for you – and for no one else, so you get to choose your essay’s title.

In the essay, write down everything you like about your dad. Write down things you enjoy doing with him. Write down his unique qualities that sometimes make you angry and sometimes make you feel loved. Describe the best things you feel about your dad.

When you grow up one day, you will look at this essay and maybe cry. That is because this essay will contain your purest thoughts about your dad. He will remember it forever.

Write An Essay On Your Dad

Give Your Father Your Attention For A Day

Most kids do not pay attention to what their dad is saying half the time. That’s because fathers offer a lot of advice and kids don’t like that!

Father’s day, however, is a special day for your father.  On this day, you can surprise him by actually paying attention to whatever he says. In fact, you can be obedient and understanding today. Sometimes he may say things that you don’t like, but because this is his special day, do as he says.

At the end of the day, go ahead and give him a tight hug. He will hug you back for sure and you will have a very memorable Father’s Day.

Give Your Father Your Attention For A Day

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Do Things The Way Your Dad Likes

There are a lot of things that your father wants you to do in his way but you generally do those things your way. When I was a kid for instance, my father wanted me to keep my clothes organized, to sleep early, to wear a certain kind of clothes and to study more.

On Father’s Day, show your dad you love him by knowingly doing things just the way he wants them to be done. Take a sheet of paper and write down what things your dad would love you to do but which you normally would not do. Now make sure you do all of these things on Father’s Day.

At the end of the day, your dad will definitely notice this change in your behaviour – and that will make him feel incredibly special. When a kid does what his father wants him to do, it makes the father feel touched and loved. Make him smile today with your actions!

Do Things The Way Your Dad Likes

Create A Paper Flower For Your Dad

A handmade gift from his kid is something that can melt any father! That’s because it shows him that his child did indeed spend so much time and attention making something special for him. That is unforgettable for a dad.

This Father’s Day, create a flower made of paper for your father. It is not very difficult to make – but it will take you about an hour to make well. You can learn how to make a paper flower by typing ‘How to make a paper flower’ on Google.com.

You will also encounter many videos that will show you clearly how you can make such a flower right away. If you don’t get it right the first time, make it again and you should be able to succeed the second or third time. If required, ask your mother, friends, siblings or teachers for help.If you want, you can paint the flower you make too.

Use different colours depending on which flower you create. A rose would be my best choice!To make the surprise even more exciting, put the paper flower in a box and gift wrap the box. Also put a small letter for your father inside the box.

Imagine how your dad will feel as he unwraps the gift and discovers a painted paper flower! He will love it.So well, those are some simple ideas you can try out this Father’s Day. Make this Father’s Day the best ever Father’s Day both for you and your father. Show him how much you care!

Create A Paper Flower For Your Dad