5 Easy Way To Dress Up Christmas Ornaments

Dress Up Christmas Ornaments

For every year in the season of Christmas, you don’t need to buy expensive ornaments from stores. You can make those fabulous ornaments in a bit of time with your little imagination. You can make this year Christmas more and more creative than any year. You can make your Christmas tree very unique this time. At the same time the fun will be much higher than your previous occasions. With these fun and easy ideas, you can make this Christmas memorable and fabulous. There are limitless possibilities we have to make this occasion beautiful. Here are some

Fun And Easy Way To Dress Up Christmas Ornaments:

Add Ribbon

To give a new look to your Ornaments, just add a hot glue gun and some ribbon. This will give a new look to your ornaments. Choose a unique theme and based on that theme add stripes in contrasting colors. These stripes will add a unique beauty to your ornaments. Based on the lengths needed just cut the ribbons and now you can mix theses ribbons and match with each other ribbon width. This type of matching ribbons will give a customized look to your ornaments. Glue these ribbons to the bulb and tie up at your ceiling.

Add Ribbon

Fabric Designs

If you have any strips of Christmas fabrics you can make this kind of fabric designs. You can even use any old fabric. Now cut and glue the fabric onto any of your old ornaments. Hide the imperfections with this fabric by glue on it. Now these ornaments will look like a newly brought one. You just need to do a bit of work here to make this old ornament to look better. The perfect touches can be seen in your accurate measurements and cutting in equal sizes.

Fabric designs

Paint The Ornaments

If your old Ornaments get faded, you can paint them perfectly with your creativity and make them look better. You can paint your new ornaments too, if you don’t like the color anymore. New paints will be exactly suitable for glass ornaments. You can just choose the color that you want and then paint it however you prefer. To add more beauty, you can add ribbons, fabric or anything else with your creativity. You can even add different colors to make the ornaments looks like a newly brought and stylish. Now you can celebrate this occasion with these colored ornaments.

Paint the Ornaments

Add Sparkles

Glitter gives a new colorful dimension to dress up your boring old ornaments as well as new ornaments. To make old ornaments look new again, just dress up with these glitter. You can just use spray adhesive to keep the glitter in place. If you want to change the color of the ornament, you can now paint it with your favorite and suitable colors and then dress up with these glitters to add sparkle. Add the sparkles without giving any delay after painting. Then only it will stick on the ornaments well. Acrylic paints will give a new dimension to your ornaments.

Add Sparkles

Filling The Ornaments

If you have any clear glass ornaments, filling them with different things is a great way to make them special. You can fill up those ornaments by adding fake snow, cranberries, pine sprigs or anything with your creativity. In the glass ornaments you can first remove the cap and fill up with these things and then replace the cap.

Filling the ornaments