5 Easy Recycled Cushion Cover Ideas


We all have those old clothes and stuff lying in our closets that never see the light of day. Some of them hold fond memories of a special day, or because they’ve been made by our parents or grandparents. How we hate to part with these things! What if you had a chance to rekindle those memories? Sounds great, right? This Christmas season, you could spruce up your living room by trying these extremely simple DIY cushion covers made by recycling old clothes and other items. Also, get ready for some wonderful compliments coming your way.

Here Are The 5 Easy Recycled Cushion Cover Ideas:

1. Shirt Front Cover 

Draw eyeballs to your room decor with this repurposed cushion cover made from an old shirt, maybe your grandpa’s? All you need is a shirt with the front pocket and buttons intact. Measure out the size of your cushion (preferably square) on a piece of cardboard and trace out the lines directly, starting just under the collar. Cut to size and stitch up all four sides of the case on the reverse side, leaving the front buttons as they are to insert the cushion. The pockets double up as a nice handy holder for mobile phones, a TV remote, and just about anything tiny. This overhaul is sure to get your guests talking at your next party.


2. Sweater Cushion Cover

If you do not have the heart to dump your old sweaters because someone very dear knitted them for you, why not rehash them and make them an integral part of your living? Sweaters make for really comfy and warm cushion cases in cold weather. There are endless ways you can recycle them for your cushions. One way is to simply cut up a sweater right under the armpits and use decorative, coloured buttons for the bottom hem. You could even tie the open end with coloured satin ribbons for a cutesy look.

That way you will have to sew up only one side of the sweater. This job takes less than 30 minutes to finish and at the end of it you have a really warm pillow full of memories to hug through winter. Remember that a sweater case can accommodate cushions or pillows that are slightly larger than the actual cover because knitwear is stretchable. So you only need an approximate measure for this DIY. If you have a button-down sweater, use the same method mentioned in the Shirt Front Cover DIY.


3. Vintage Doily Wrap

If your grandparents left you some exquisite hand-embroidered or crocheted doilies that stay locked in your closet, you can put them to better use with minimum effort. Upcycle any old plain-textured cushion cover by simply wrapping around the two ends of a doily and finishing off with a lovely button and a button hole. This will add a vintage touch to your room and keep good old memories alive as well.


4. Kids T-shirt Cushion Cover

Wondering how to spruce up your kid’s room? Why not repurpose some of your kid’s t-shirts, especially the ones that have cute cartoons and messages on them? Children outgrow their clothes quickly but their sentiments remain. Recycling their clothes is one of the best gifts for your kids. To make this cover, measure the size of the cushion you want to cover and mark it on the t-shirt front. The design or cartoon should be in the centre. Cut out the front portion along the lines marked. From the lower portion of the t-shirt ending at the hem, cut out both the front and back, making sure the width is the same as the front piece with the design.

This will serve as your back cover. Then place the front piece right side up. Align one piece of the back portion right side facing down with the hem towards the centre. Then align the second piece of the back portion, right side facing down with the hem towards the centre. This should overlap the first back piece. Pin them together and stitch up the sides. Once they are closed on all four sides, you will have an overlapping opening to insert your cushion. Your kids will love you for this job!


5. Wedding Gown Cushion Cover

Are you one of those people who would rather sell or donate your wedding gown, or rarely ever sees it’s beauty because it’s locked up in a closet? Why not repurpose your beautiful gown into something that will make you feel good every day? You can cut out a portion of the gown to fit a cushion. Make good use of decorative elements such as sequins, beads, lace, floral patterns, etc. At the end of it, you’re sure to have at least a couple of cushions wrapped in memories of a beautiful day.