5 Easy And Cheap DIY Toddler Party Dress

Easy And Cheap DIY Toddler Party Dress

There is nothing more special than making your little ones wearing doll liked dressed of home made. All these ideas given here are very simple and any beginners can do this. With Very small process and just five dollars you can make these party dresses for your little dear ones.

Here Are The 5 Easy And Cheap DIY Toddler Party Dress:

Leisurely Dress

Just get any thin two colored cloth and with that you can make this leisurely dress from your home. Just take an old T-shirt and turn it into a cardigan by cutting down the middle portion. After cutting down use hem tapes to create straight sides. This will be the best and cheap DIY toddler party dress and within half an hour you can do this at your home in a short duration.

Leisurely dress

No Sew Infinity Dotted Scarf

Scarfs can add beauty to almost all kinds of casual costumes. Just think of making a scarf of your own in your home. You just need a dark colored 8 c.m. cloth with white dots. Just fold and iron within a scarf form and use it for all kinds T-shirts. Within 5 dollars you can make this scarf.

No sew infinity dotted scarf

Toddler Party T-shirt From Oversized Skirt

Just take any of your old over sized skirt of dark color. Cut and remove the elastic portion. Cut down the two corners to make a sleeve. Now cut and remove the top center portion of the neck round. You can add some pieces to the hand if you want trendy look. These kind of toddler T-shirts are wearable for all kinds of parties.

Toddler party T-shirt from Oversized skirt

No Sew Bow T-shirts

Without sewing you can make this toddler party dress. This is especially created for girls. Just take an old T-shirt and cut down the top portion of the sleeve in the round shaped on both sides. This will give a stylish and trendy look. You can wear this for all kinds of parties. One of the very simple methods among all of the above.

No sew bow T-shirts

Butterfly Tunic

Just take a white cloth. Make a top dress. In the outer portion back side draw an outline of the butterfly and use some colored cloths, stitch on that outline. Your butterfly tunic is now ready. This is one of the best and cheap DIY toddler party dress.

Butterfly tunic