5 Delightful DIY Gift Ideas For Your First Anniversary

Your First Anniversary

An entire year of raw passionate love and sweet moments with each other have been lived and celebrated. A year has gone by with a million firsts and the ultimate one is here. It is your first anniversary. A celebration of your journey so far and of the hopeful future together. You both got married last year this day and vowed to keep each other happy and loved. Gift each other some happiness on your one year of completion as husband and wife. However, there is no better gift than something created by you for your beloved. Select from the below mentioned DIY gifts for your better half this anniversary.

Here Are 5 Delightful Diy Gift Ideas For Your First Anniversary:

1. Chatterbox

Customize a hand-crafted box and gift it to your spouse. Create a story in it with the help of pictures and messages that will recall memories of the year gone by. Write a romantic quote on the top to see him/her blush and get them excited to open it. You can write something like “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” or “I love you every step of the way” to keep it simple yet mushy. The story can comprise of pictures and hand written messages denoting the most special moments that both of you have spent in the first year of your marriage. Attach all of them one after the other like the recitation of a string of events, recreating those moments all over again for your darling.


2. Mood-i-licious

There are times in a couple’s life when they have to stay away from each other. Maybe, when the wife goes to stay with her parents or the husband is travelling for work or vice versa, one of them is left alone without the other. During this phase, they miss each other and experience a roller coaster of feelings inside them. If you feel this is going to happen with you too, this gift will be befitting. For every mood, when you aren’t with them, there is a different package. Take 4-5 boxes and mention on their cover, “See when…” followed by a specific mood. Each box will have a small gift suitable for he mentioned mood. For example, “See when… You are bored” and you can keep their favorite novel or TV Series DVD inside. “See when… You are angry” and you can have a Gorilla picture in it with small balloons and tiny gun with plastic bullets to shoot at. These will be make your partner smile and remind them of these adorable series of gifts.


3. Anniversary Special

Since it is your first anniversary, you would want to gift something unique yet romantic. Pictures speak a thousand words and hence, get all gorgeous pictures of both of you that you can find with you. Arrange the photographs in the shape of the number representing your anniversary date. You can arrange them in a particular sequence or in random order as per your choice. Frame this collage or put it on a cardboard and decorate with small souvenirs, hearts, and love quotes. Alternatively, you can also place them in the shape of the first alphabet of each of your names together. This creativity is sure to impress your sweetheart.

Anniversary Special

4. Recorded Message

Words written are always special and an I love you here and there makes you smile but is forgotten the next moment. However, a message in your voice which can be saved and heard on repeat mode will hold a special place in your spouse’s heart, not only in their phone or cupboard. On your first anniversary, give your loved one a recorded message which they will cherish forever. And why not travel back in time and send a recording in an audio cassette instead of using modern technology of phones. You can say all you want that you find difficult to say in your daily chaotic routine. These words in your voice will melt your partner’s heart like never before.

Recorded Message

5. Redeemable Coupons

Be your companion’s personal genie not only for a day but whenever they wish that you appear. “Your wish is my command”, make this the order of your gift. Create 10 coupons that will pamper your other half every time they pick one from the lot. Each coupon will give them the opportunity to redeem something they love to do from you. And you will be bound to fulfill every wish of theirs anytime of any day. These coupons will enable them to receive various things from something as simple as a kiss to a date by the poolside to a lap dance. Let your partner make you dance to their tunes simply because you love them immensely.

Redeemable Coupons