5 Delicious And Healthy Easter Brunch Ideas

Almost every body loves to eat delicious foods but often we refuse to eat due to the calories. But there are so many delicious recipes which are very healthy for you and are also delicious in taste. Do you know how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes in minutes? If your answer is negative then please go through this article to know them.

Here Are The 5 Delicious And Healthy Easter Brunch Ideas:

1. Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding is another healthy brunchdish which is really yummy. Banana is a vital fruit which contains lots of nutrients. We have used milk and egg in the pudding which makes the dish healthy and tasty. To prepare this dish you have to boil the milk first to reduce its quantity. Now add the powdered sugar in it. Also add the eggs in to it. Cook the whole thing in a simmer. Take one or two ripe banana and mash it to make pulp. Turn off the gas when the mixture thickens and add banana pulp with it. Take a pudding mold and pour the mixture in it. Set it aside to cool. Then refrigerate it for 6-7 hours. Serve your Banana Pudding chilled.

Banana Pudding

2. Cornflakes Bars

This is a unique dish for the Easter which you can take as a snacks and it can be stored for few days. This preparation is healthy as because we used cornflakes in it which is a great source of Iron. It is very easy to prepare Cornflakes Bars. First take two cups of powdered sugar in a non stick pan and add a little water in it. Allow it to boil until the sugar melts. Boil it and stir it until it forms red colored caramel. Now break the cornflakes in small pieces and then add them with the caramel. Mix well and then pour it over a greased plate. Even the upside with a spatula. Leave it for 1-2 hours to set. Now break it in to pieces and keep it in airtight container for future use.

Cornflakes Bars

3. Coconut Pancakes

This is a popular dish of India and this dish is so easy too. First take the coconuts and grate it finely. Now take a non stick pan and pour the grated coconut in the pan. Add adequate amount of jaggery in it and stir the whole thing with a wooden spatula to mix well. Cook until the coconut goes soft and the mixture get a little bit sticky too. Now add ½ tea spoon of green cardamom powder with it and mix well. Set it aside to cool. Now prepare the batter for the pancake. Take 500 ml of full fat milk and boil it. Remove from flame and set it to cool. Then add rice flour, refined flour and a little bit of semolina in to it to prepare a semi liquid mixture. Set it aside to soak the whole thing for one hour. Now prepare pancakes from this batter and stuff it with the coconut mixture. Roll the pancakes and this way prepares all the pancakes with the left batter. Your coconut pancake is ready to serve.

Coconut Pancakes

4. Mixed Fruit Custard

Mixed Fruit Custard is a very healthy and delicious dish for your family on the eve of Easter. Prepare it in any season with the seasonal fruits of your choice. Take some juicy fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, grapes etc. and chop them in to small pieces. Then prepare custard with full fat milk and sugar in usual method. Set it aside to cool. Now mix all the chopped fruits with the custard and then refrigerate it. Serve Mixed Fruit Custard chilled after garnishing with chopped cashews on the top.

Mixed Fruit Custard

5. Oats And Carrot Kheer

This preparation is so healthy and delicious for you. Oats are loaded with fibers which prevent constipation and the oats lowers down cholesterol of your body. Carrots contains anti oxidants and beta carotenes, both of which are good for your eyes. So try this dish today. Take 500 ml of full fat milk in a pan and then boil it to reduce its quantity slightly. Take one cup of grated carrots and add it with the milk. Cook for some time until the carrots get soft. Now take 1 cup of oats and dry roast in a non stick pan. When the carrots get soft add oats in it. Add powdered sugar to taste in it. Add chopped cashews and pistachios in it. Cook it for 3-5 minutes. Sprinkle half tea spoon of green cardamom powder from top and turn off the gas. Pour it in a serving bowl and set it aside too cool. Your Oats and Carrot Kheer is ready to serve.

Oats And Carrot Kheer

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