5 Customized Kids Party Favors


Planning a party for your child, can be an extremely demanding task. Right from the guest list to food and decor to games, you have your hands full at all times. In this hustle and bustle, you realize you still need to plan your party favors. The favors are a huge responsibility on your shoulders as these are what your guests take home along with the special memories you create with them. These are the only reminders in kind of your kid’s birthday party. Hence, we give you a list of 5 favors which you can customize for your kid’s party.

Here Are The 5 Customized Kids Party Favors:

1. Personalized Story Book

A story book is a part of every child’s sleeping time. Every night, kids expect a new bedtime story, a new adventure. Parents always have to try and come up with creative ideas to make this experience fun for their children. They try to build up stories revolving around the children to hold their attention. Imagine a situation where they do not have to rack their brain and they have a new adventure story ready with them. You can get story books personalized with the name of the main character replaced with the names of your kid’s friends attending the party. Every time the parents read out each chapter, they will be very thankful to you.


2. Stationery Hamper

Kids need stationery items day in and day out. So, giving these away, will be very useful for any kid. Creating a beautiful hamper out of all small and nice stationery things will be a great idea for a favor. These hampers placed on a table will add to your party decor. You can include personalized books, name tags, name stickers as well as colorful pencils or crayons with their names printed on them. All these items placed in a basket, tied with a simple ribbon and cute bow will make your idea a hit.


3. Bath Towels

As we all know, kids always run away from bathing. As soon as parents only utter the word shower, kids vanish like a magical wand has been used. It is very difficult to convince them to come happily. In this chaos, if they have something exciting to look forward to, all this convincing can be put to rest. Personalized Bath towels with kids’ names or surnames printed on them will have kids eager to use them every day.


4. Bedding Set

If your child is younger and you are just celebrating a monthly birthday, this favor is exactly what you need. You can decide a theme and have a bedding set entirely customized as per the theme. If you have a jungle theme, have all items in this bedding set with animal prints on them or if it is a space theme, you can have planets, starts and moon on your bedding set. The bedding set can include a layette, pillows, bolsters, coverlet, bed-sheet, depending upon your budget.


5. Hangers

This can be a unique favor idea out of all the basics that you decide. We always think of cute and lovely looking clothing when it comes to kids. But what about the display. This favor will give your guests the most adorable display ever. Personalized hangers with kids’ names will have them excited and their parents super excited every time they open the closets.