5 Brilliant Boys Halloween Costumes

brilliant Boys Halloween Costumes Halloween is a festive occasion that falls on 31st October. People of all ages dress up in various characters from diverse fields and come up with fancy ideas for costumes. When everybody gets into the celebratory groove, why should boys stay behind?

Children are the most excited for every festival and so boys are bound to be eager to decide and ponder about the best Halloween costume to wear. Given below is a list of 5 Brilliant Boys Halloween Costumes to don this coming holiday season.

Brilliant Boys Halloween Costumes

Clone Trooper Captain Rex Costume

We have always seen boys to be huge fans of the Star Wars series. If your little kid is one too, Clone Trooper Captain Rex costume is the way to go. This Halloween costume can have a silver metallic or fabric jumpsuit.

Clone Trooper Captain Rex Costume

Along with this, get an armor belt and boot covers as appropriate costume accents. A helmet mask with an attached band should be worn so that it stays intact on the head and face. A clone trooper blaster in the hand will complete the ensemble.

Police Officer Costume

Every young boy thinks of what he wants to be when he will grow up. So, Halloween is a chance to take a step towards his dream of being a police officer and in the least dress up like him. A dark blue police officer costume will look rich and elegant on your little boy.

A black buckled belt with shoulder star straps and a police badge on the chest will look great. The police department emblem on the arm and cap with gold outlines will enhance the look. Gun holster on the belt, metallic handcuffs in the pocket, and a club in the hand will make him look like a perfect police officer.

Batman Dark Knight Costume

The savior of Gotham city, Batman returns here at Halloween. A boy in a black jumpsuit with all over graphical prints will look very handsome. A black cape in the signature batman curvy hemline along with a batman mask and black shoes will add to the appearance.

Batman Dark Knight Costume for boys

A gold belt with a picture of a bat on the buckle will complement the otherwise black outfit. This is a befitting Dark Knight costume.

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Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

A pirate costume has been worn by boys since ages and will continue to be as the pirate series has been close to almost everyone’s hearts. Captain Jack Sparrow’s costume starts with the basic breeches and shirt but both are connected with buckled belts tied on one side.

An overlapping colored vest over the shirt is imperative. A pirate hat and bandanna with a braided wig will look apt along with a goatee beard and mustache. However, Captain Jack Sparrow will be incomplete without those dark lined eyes.

Skeleton Costume

There is a naughty kid hidden in every little boy around. And this boy loves to scare everyone away. So, here comes the perfect opportunity on Halloween.