5 Best Theme Ideas For Prom

Best Theme Ideas For Prom

Excitement is again in the air, the books are back in their places, cheer leader costumes in the back seat and now is the time to let down your hair and enjoy the most awaited party of the year that marks the beginning of all your parties is here. Prom night is a big night for everyone, its memorable for everyone in their own special ways.

Best Theme Ideas For Prom

With fashion changing every day, daily soaps, latest Oscar movies and highlight landmarks of the year are becoming the themes for the prom night. Prom is the place to be creative and since the crowd is young which likes themes and colours, here are the top theme decorations for prom night.

Prom Night Theme Ideas

Romantic Paris

Romance is the spine of this theme, paining the Eiffel tower or creating its replica in thermacol or plastic moulds makes the main set up of the Paris theme. The scene is completed by painting the tress and the garden around the tower. The romantic evening at Paris is not complete without faux street lamps, French roadside bench to sit and hanging light balloons. The ambience can be sophisticated by decorating the bar with French Beverages.

Romantic Paris Theme

A Night In The Stars

Think of a romantic night and the first thing that comes to mind is stars. This is an easy and one of the most innovative themes to put up on the prom night.

The entrance can be decorated with strands of lights and clouds. Scattering loads of metallic stars around the hall, glitter and sparkle covering the whole place will definitely give the starry look you want. A wish star makes your prom ‘dreams come true’ prom which most of the teenagers shall enjoy.

Night In The Stars Theme


Every teenagers dream to personify his or her favourite actor is satisfied in this theme. Glamorous light system, red carpet and centrepieces of cameras, negatives add life to the theme. Huge faux Hollywood sign or cardboard cuttings of Hollywood actors make a grand welcome to this prom.

Cameras hanging all over give it a real touch. There can be prizes in the form of Hollywood trophies. The seating arrangement is decorated with the seat covers tagged with director, asst. director, and actor and so on.

Hollywood Theme

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Winter Is Coming

Snow, white and fog represent winter. The entry to this winter land is marked by frozen fantasy arcs. The entire dance floor is covered in faux snow, white trees, winter towers are ideal centre pieces suiting this theme. Snowflakes garlands or glitter snowflakes complete the winter theme. Fake ice, ice sculptures and illusion white gas are the best suited to this theme.

Winter Is Coming Theme

Under Water

Covering the ceiling with blue or water colour gossamer, mirror garlands and gossamer net design make the hall look like the under the sea. Ship standee, coral faux, a large anchor cutting, a school of fish, dolphins and mermaids with treasure boxes flowing with crystal stones are main ingredients of the theme. Gossamers and twinkling lights make the hall look gorgeous. Silver and blue balloons, murals and fishnets give a finishing touch to the prom night decoration.

Under Water Theme