5 Best Prom Dresses For Kids

Prom Dresses For Kids It calls for celebration when your angel takes her first steps, how can kindergartens or junior high bench mark not celebrated? It is becoming big and fancy to mark the completion of junior high like senior high prom.

Prom is also an opportunity to be a cool mom by dressing your princess in definitely stunning dresses attaching a new slot of memories to your memory basket. The prom dresses for kids are cute and simple that maintain the innocence of the age. More than anything, prom is about clothes and looking good, let it be young girls dressing up in the cutest frock or a teenager in her finest gown, prom night is ‘the night’ for all. Lists of dresses which make your angel look the cutest on her special night are listed below.

Prom Dresses For Kids

Ice Princess

As the name suggests, this is a white frock with silver stud and bow. A knee length balloon frock made of organza with sphegatti straps. The body of this dress is gathered in horizontal pleats and the skirt is flared with balloon end. A bow with a diamond stud on one side to differentiate the bodice from the skirt adds beauty to the dress. A matching stroll and linen lining underneath completes the dress.

Rosy Pink

This is a slightly longer dress which is perfect for a bright occasion. This dress is made from taffeta material that stays in the stitched shape.

pink porm dresses

The bodice is gathered on one side with the dress material brooched with a flower holding the flow. The dress is made comfortable with a satin lining and a zip at back which ends in a bow knot. A satin flower hair band will be a suitable accessory of this dress.

Ruched Satin Dress

This is a satin dress with ruched bodice and sleeves. This slightly longer than the knee length dress has less flair as compared to other dresses, the sleeves are capped with ruched satin and a bunch of satin flowers covering one shoulder. A matching satin shawl gives your daughter the grown up feeling when she drapes it around the frock. Fully lined and zipped at the centre makes her comfortable.

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Brocade Lace Dress

This is one of my favourite dresses that suits the age and the occasion. Made of dark pink floral brocade lined with polyester, this dress has a corsage bodice and an umbrella skirt.

Kids Brocade Lace Dress

A satin belt with satin flowers makes the dress look rich. There are detachable straps for girls uncomfortable in tube necks. The corsage bodice is of chiffon with a back opening and satin hooks to hold the belt.

Blossom dress

The most pleasant dress that keeps the innocence of kids intact and also looks cute. Stitched out of a beige coloured mesh material lined with polyester adorned with cap sleeves and a flower pinned to the waist gives that ‘awe look.’ This dress has a bow knot behind to make it fit well and look pretty. The bodice and the skirt of this dress is not stitched to fit well, but loose instead. A healthy girl will certainly be the eye candy of the prom in this dress.