5 Best Prom And Party Decorations

Best Prom And Party Decorations

Prom night is a grand occasion. Just like Oscar is the biggest celebration for the film world in the same way prom is as much important for the teenagers.

Best Prom And Party Decorations

The decoration for the prom night should be done with loads of care and enthusiasm to make it a huge success. Here are the 5 Best Prom And Party Decorations

Prom Party Decorations

The Venue And Theme For The Night

Choose a venue that is easily reachable and within everyone’s limits. The venue should be spacious and safe. Make sure the ball room is large enough to accommodate all the dancing couples. The theme should be unique and inviting.

It should not be something out of alien or horror world. Choose themes like midnight stars, romantic time or exotic locations for the event. Colors of the venue should be bright and energetic. Dull and dark colors are not an option. Choose the decorator wisely and after proper detailed knowledge about their reputation.

The Venue

The Invitation And Tickets

Fix the date and day. Preferably weekend as that will give time to all for the preparation and shopping for the D- day. Print out the invitation according to the theme of the party. Make equally attractive invitation for people whom you would like to invite by emails and social networking sites.

Make provision to sell tickets through internet, social networking, sms and also through any other available medium. Make the event as much public as possible through any form of media like Television, Radio etc. make sure all the publicity starts at least a month or before to let more people know about it.

Invitation And Tickets

The Rent A Limo Services

This is one day when every teenager wants to live life king size and in dream world too. Bring in facilities like rent- a- limo service, stay-the-night services for giving it an extra bit of extravagance

Rent A Limo Services

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The Music And Lightening

The most important key to a successful prom night is the ambience. And the ambience is not perfect unless you have the perfect lights and music. Hire one or two great DJ for the night. Make sure the sound and woofer system is hi tech and working well.

The dance floor lighting should be very catchy and with loads of multi action effects to boost up the mood for dance. For the grand ball dance its best to choose great and classic tunes that all loves instead of hard rocks and metallic that teenagers generally hear.

Music And Lightening

The Food And Beverages

Any kind of party is incomplete without very good food and beverages. Since this is a party for the teenager’s alcohol and other hard drinks are a strict ban. Special colorful and creative mock-tails, sodas and juice can be served.

It’s always best to design the menu for the night following the theme. It gives a greater benefit. Since more people are turning into vegetarian make sure there is a menu designed for the vegetarians too.

The games, nominations and winners: keep small games in between the dancing and partying so that no one is bored. To encourage people arrange for small prizes like Mr. and Ms Congeniality, Attire, Personality etc. and then finally wrap up the night with the Grand Prize winners “The Prom Queen and King”

Food And Beverages