5 Best Hot Prom Dresses

Short And Sexy Prom Dresses Be it high school seniors or adults, be it India or the United States, prom has become a major occasion to which many look forward to. It’s the time for black suits and ties for the boys while for the girls prom dresses come in an astounding variety of colors and designs.

The  peacock prom is one among the most attractive of them all. That’s why peacock dresses are amongst the hot prom dresses. Let us read about the other hot prom dresses

Various Types Of Hot Prom Dresses

Mermaid Style Single Strap

This is an exquisite style mermaid gown that is sure to dazzle your partner. The bodice fits into your waist to give an hourglass outline. The blue-green sequins are embroidered into the designs of peacock feathers throughout the dress.

To complement the beauty of the attire you have a bow placed on the strap. It has a zipper closure, a high front for the left leg and a train following you in the back. A high heel designer shoe is necessary to complete your glam look.

Strapless Sweetheart Gown

This is a strapless gown with a sweetheart bust with a perfect amount of cleavage. To complement this you have a high front over the left leg. But the most charming frature of all is the peacock feathers attached to the gown on the lower portion that makes it the perfect peacock prom gown.

Strapless Sweetheart Gown

On the bust you have embroidered sequins of a glittering blue-green in feathery designs. A long white or silver or any light coloured earring is must with this dress. No wonder it’s considered as one of the hottest prom dresses

One Shoulder Vintage Style Peacock Prom

The skirt is fully made of satin and tulle to add a lovely double toned appearance. A single strapped gown with a bodice decorated with a fabulous work of embroidery to blow you off your feet.

One Shoulder Vintage Style Peacock Prom

The beautiful floor length gown and is of the lovely dark turquoise typical of the peacock. A suitable hair accessory like a silver artificial flower and round silver earrings will definitely enhance the glamour of the attire.

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Bablina Prom Dress

This Bablina  prom is a special occasion short prom dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Four layers of tulle with curly hem is tempting in its own way. It’s padded and boned bust portion comes with a zipper hidden among the large embroidery work of sequin and gem.

Strapless Jewel Studded Dress

This prom dress is more a piece of work when you see the lovely sweetheart neckline that is adorned with feather embroidery and and shining jewels. It has a high front over the left leg and a complementary high slit in the bust portion to add a seductive dose of cleavage. Hot isnt it ?

Strapless Jewel Studded Dress

Peacock feathers are much appreciated for their length and the vibrant turquoise color with darkened patterns of blue and green. As the male peacock opens up its ornamented tail to attract the female, a lady in a peacock prom gown is all set to make a stunning appearance in the party. Thats why i say that the hottest and happening dress for all season alike is the Peacock Prom dress. Get dressed and woo the world Girls!!