5 Best Handmade Birthday Gifts

Best Handmade Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are annual affairs that are celebrated with a lot of gusto. They mark the beginning of a new age cycle. With each birthday, a person is reminded that he or she has a little less time on earth and should thus embrace the gift of life. The crucial elements to a birthday are gifts and cakes. A birthday is incomplete without them.

Best Handmade Birthday Gifts

The gifts should be chosen with a lot of care as they are tokens of love and affection. They should be selected keeping the individual in mind. Gifts can be bought from the store or prepared by hand. Handmade gifts are very thoughtful and convey a deep sense of care. Here are a few suggestions.

Various Handmade Birthday Gifts

A Card

A card is the easiest homemade gift that one can make. It does not require many materials but has a major effect on the receiver. A well written card can move the receiver to tears.

This is because a card holds the feelings of a person. A person can pen down feelings in a card that are otherwise are generally not said out loud.


A Photo Collage

A photo collage is a compilation of various pictures. You could create a handmade photo collage by gluing the pictures to a chart paper or a scrap book. Pictures are easy to obtain now a days, especially with the increase of social media sites. You could select pictures from days that have special meaning to you and the receiver. You could also include pictures of the receiver with his or her friends and family.

Photo Collage

A Homemade Cake

A homemade cake is a wonderful birthday present as it combines both elements of a birthday- a cake as well as a gift. If you are an amateur, a simple cake would be the way to go. A person adept at baking could try something more elaborate. Whichever it is, the mere gestures will be much appreciated by the receiver.

Homemade Cake

Carved Soaps

Soap carving is a very simple way to produce an extremely beautiful gift item. The apparatus required for it are limited to soaps and knives. You could carve out an image into the soap or a message. The soaps used could have a sweet aroma to them and can be brightly colored. A set of carved soaps could be accompanied by a hand towel. This is a wonderful and easy homemade gift to present on a birthday.

Carved Soaps

Paper Decorations

Paper is a very flexible material. When it comes to paper decorations, there are a huge variety of options. They can be folded and cut into any shape and can be dyed any color. The most prominent paper decorations include paper flowers. The art of creating these decorations is called origami.

This is an art form that can be practiced by anyone. Paper decorations last for a long time. You could gift an item created by paper like a bouquet of colorful paper flowers of a string of paper birds hanging from a piece of wood.

Paper Decorations