5 Best Gift To Give If Your Friend Is Going Abroad

Best Gift To Give If Your Friend Is Going Abroad

The things you must keep in your mind while gifting something to your immigrating friend are that your gift should be light weighted and your gifts should NOT take up much space. Keeping in mind these pre-requisites, lets see what all you can gift to you loved ones who are flying off to different part of this world.

Here are Some Best Gifts To Give If Your Friend Is Going Abroad:

1. Photo Frame

A small photo frame, specifically made of cardboard (which keeps it light weight). You can personalise it by putting your and your friend’s snap in it.


2. Top

A pretty top to be worn in summers. Even if she is going to a cold country, she could wear it in her house or under her coat. It will keep reminding her of you and add to her variety too.

girls Top

3. Mobile Phone

It is everyone’s requirement and if she is using an old handset, gift a new fresh piece. She will call you from there with a really happy heart and your friendship will get stronger and techy too.

Mobile Phone

4. Tour Book/ Language Help-book

If it is an English speaking country, then gifting her a tour book will help her trace places without any difficulty. It really comes handy. She might be complacent in buying it, but if you gift it to her, she sure would give you lot of blessings. In case she is flying off to a foreign language speaking country (e Germany, France etc), a language book can help her communicate well with the localites. Plus she will learn a new language.

tour book

5. Suitcase

She sure will have lot of luggage bundled up. Now you can ask her well in advance if she is to buy a suitcase, you can present it to her. It will be really of great use. It will stay with her for life long. And it will cut her expenses.


Enjoy Gifting