5 Best Easter Egg Games

Best Easter Egg Games

5 Best Easter Egg Games

Another holiday to have fun with family and friends is not missed on the morning of easter brunch. Social gatherings are entertained by games for the group. Angry birds is a super hit video game that engages the kids as well as adults. But Easter is about interaction, I have listed the best five Easter games below which can be enjoyed by kids and elders at the same time.

Since egg is the life of Easter, these games revolve around the Easter eggs. Keeping the sportsman spirit live is not a yolks game! Brace yourself up for a fun and playful egg Easter.

Tips For Easter Egg Games

1. Egg Hunt

This is not a treasure hunt game as it sounds, but a game of finding eggs. This game is fun for kids. Hide many eggs around the venue. Hand a basket to each participant, nominate an unbiased referee and blow the whistle to start the egg hunt. The task is to collect as many eggs as possible within a given time frame. The highest egg collector gets equal amount of sweets. It’s fun for the kids participating and the folks watching their kids strode across the venue as bunnies.

2. Nose Roll

In this game mark a start line and a finish line 10 to 15 feet apart. The challenge is to roll a hardboiled egg from the start line to finish line with your nose. Touching the egg otherwise becomes a violation. This game is where every participant turns into a frog and its fun to watch them control their eggs with their noses!

3. Egg Conquer

This is an Easter version of two games namely ‘capture the flag’ and ‘Ice77.’ This game is played in two teams with equal number of participants. Each team is given four eggs which are lined up and placed in the centre. The task is to conquer the eggs of the other team without touching the team members. If an opponent touches you, you freeze till your team mate frees you by touching again.

 Egg Conquer

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4. Toss The Egg

This is a game for couples. Mark a starting and a finish line. When the whistle blows the couple standing face to face at the starting point alternately toss an egg by leaping backward. Hold for a few seconds before you toss. If the egg breaks, begin again from the start. The couple, who lasts long far away from the finish line with the egg intact, wins. This game cam be played in five or six couples. Keep spare eggs in case of breakage at the time of toss.

5. Egg And Spoon

This is again the Easter version of the game ‘Lemon and spoon.’ This game can be played by kids as well as adults.Hold a spoon in your mouth, keep an egg on the spoon and walk with your hands behind without letting the egg fall off the spoon. In case of adults, difficulty level can be increased by adding obstacles in the path. The one, who crosses the finish line without touching the egg or the spoon, wins.