5 Attractive Wedding Hairstyles

Bohemian Hairstyles

Meeting her special someone one fine day is Almighty’s precious gift for any girl as she gets ready to settle down with her Mr. Perfect on her wedding day. It is the most pleasure-filled phase in her life and she endeavors for the best arrangements to be done for her big day. Besides her excellent designer wedding dress, creative accessories and unique makeup the pretty girl takes exceptional care of her wedding hairstyle.

Hairstyles are actually the core adornment of wedding as ladies can craft variety of styles as per their preferences and also the length of their hair. A bride’s hair should balance her wedding outfit completely. They can even sprinkle their hair with cute flowers or hair accessories. Hence we have helped the girls with 5 attractive hairstyles for their wedding.

Top Attractive Wedding Hairstyles

Classy Braided Hairstyle

The bride can experiment her hairstyle with braids which will make her appearance gorgeous. When your hair is dry the hairstylist will divide your hair in two parts. Firstly she’ll start crafting braids with the help of few hairs from the left side which will end on the right side. You can attach pins and flower accessory or real flowers to that corner.

Classy Braided

Secondly she will then continue with the rest of the hair making long embellished braid that will fall on your back. To make the look perfect she will add small artificial or fresh flowers on your long braid which will match your outfit. You can leave thin locks besides your ears.

Hairstyle With Pinned-Up Bun

Pinned-Up Bun

Brides can wear a beautiful pinned up bun on their medium or long hair. The hairdresser will tie your huge quantity of hair in rounds and pin it on the top of your head into a cute bun. Though it might take a bit of time to craft the bun, but you can surely beautify it with shiny beads, small flowers or floral accessories to acquire a modish look.

Bohemian Hairstyle

Bohemian hairstyle will bring you a distinct look altogether for your wedding. The hairdresser will use a one-inch curling iron on your long hair for adding texture. Then she creates beachy waves by pulling the hair curls nicely for better undone look. Then she begins with 3 strand braids on one side on a smaller portion of your crown and go with waterfall braid where she’ll single out hair from top wards, allowing the bottom locks to fall freely, thus continuing till half-way down.

Bohemian Hairstyle

You can also try with normal braids. You can then tie one braid from one side with small elastic. You can repeat the same by tying the second braid on the other side when you get to the halfway. Now you will cross the two tied braided sections over one another and then join them with pin so that it remains in place and allow the rest of the hair to loosen downwards.

Low Chignon Hairstyle

You can also arrange your hair in low chignon style. The hairstylist will separate your hair fully down the center and select a side for chignon style to rest on it. Your hair will be dragged on one side and two ponytails will be crafted on both sides.

Low Chignon Hairstyle

Your smooth-down hair will be tied in a loose-fitting knot. One side of it should be enfolded towards the right with a pin to hold in place. Same should be repeated on the left side with a pin. You can end it with a medium-hold hairspray. Your look will be pretty with low chignon hairstyle.

Spanish Updo Hairstyle

A stylish updo can be a normal traditional hairstyle. If you want to create an impression, then Spanish updo will make you look gorgeous on your thick and long hair. The hairdresser will first blow-dry your hair for more volumes and then separate horizontally.

Spanish Updo Hairstyle

She will grip the upper portion of your hair and create elaborate curls stylishly, and the rest portion should flow down graciously at the backside. You can also beautify the Spanish updo with the help of jeweled or floral pieces or attach with fancy bows.

Hence set yourself for an extraordinary wedding with the above striking hairstyles!