5 Amazing Birthday Party Places For Kids

kids birthday party Birthday parties for kids are so much fun when you organize them at home. Lots of decorations, food, fun and frolic really makes it a memorable day for the child but as children begin to grow they tend to look for some new ideas and a different kind of excitement on their birthday which is not confined to four walls of home.

In such a case why not think about new party places for kids where kids may enjoy their birthday party with their friends and you can also remain stress free from the planning related to food, decorations and other things at home.

Birthday Party Places For Kids

Picnic In A Public Park Or Jungle

Public park or a nearby jungle is an excellent place for kids to go and enjoy their birthday party. Choose the park carefully and at a relatively new place with lots of play stations. If you can take the kids to an unfamiliar locality then they will really enjoy exploring this new park.

Surprise Party At Park

Make sure to take along lots of finger foods like cupcakes, cream rolls, French fries, chips, popcorns and some cold drinks. Also pack with yourself lots of games and sports items like badminton, skipping rope, playing cards, chess, football, etc. If you are taking the kids to jungle then try to arrange a safari visit for them. Children will really enjoy watching the wild animals while munching their favorite party snacks.

Birthday Party In Shopping Mall

Shopping mall is another interesting option to take the kids for celebrating birthday party. The best thing about shopping mall is that you get everything, from entertainment to food, under one roof and you need not run from pillar to post for arranging snacks and games for kids. Simply take them to mall and arrange for their rides and games and then take them to their favorite fast food junction for a great party.

Cake Cutting In Restaurant

Another interesting place for celebrating kid’s birthday party is a restaurant which serves exotic foods.

Cake Cutting In Restaurant

Tie up with the restaurant and get the cake cut amidst birthday music playing as most of such restaurants have their own orchestra. Order dishes of children’s choice and chill.

City Tour On Birthday

Another interesting place to take kids out can be a city tour of various monuments. Take the kids for outing and visit with them all the famous monuments. You can also hire a guide who can share with children historical significance about the monuments and anecdotes related to the historical buildings. After city tour you can take the kids to some open sir restaurants for having a hearty meal. The idea is to be innovative and think about different places which can be fun.

Birthday Fun In Water Park

You can also throw a fun party in a water park if your child’s birthday falls during hot summer months. Playing in water pool and enjoying various water games will be biggest treat for kids in the scorching heat.

Birthday Fun In Water Park

After letting the children enjoy the rides to the fullest take them for a nice snacks party and let the party unroll in a fun manner.