5 Affectionate Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Now That You Are Parents

Affectionate Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day Now That You Are Parents

Being a parent is the most responsible job in the whole wide world. From the moment, you become parents, you forget your own birthdays, anniversaries, and any other kind of celebrations. Your focus changes from one another to your child. Hence, with each passing year, celebrating Valentine’s Day becomes a thing of the past. This Valentine’s Day do something different and rediscover each other in your relationship. With Valentine’s Day, just a month away, you need to start planning for your sweetheart. Pick your choice from the list below and make this the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner.

Here Are The 5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Now That You Are Parents:

1. Dinner Date

When your kids are small, it is very difficult to spend a lot of time away from them. Hence, most of the times you just end up avoiding celebrating maximum number of occasions. But this Valentine’s Day, take your spouse out for a dinner date. Plan a surprise or discuss it with them but do go for this dinner outing. It would take only an hour or two but would make your Valentine’s Day extremely special and loving. Wear those gorgeous outfits and dress up to make the most of it. Alternatively, if you just cannot remove time to go out, you do a table set up at home with candles and flowers and call it a date. Make some home cooked meal that your partner loves and make this special day count. Cut a cake together to celebrate the occasion and make it a memorable one.

Dinner Date

2. Finish Chores

Just going out together or doing a lot of jazz does not prove your love for your loved ones. Sometimes, just a thought can create wonders. Since Valentine’s Day is essentially a celebration of love, take a moment to solve your partner’s issues and the things they are most worried about. Normally with kids, your pending chores keep increasing day by day and you end up never finishing them. Do this favor for your spouse and make a list of all their long pending chores. Complete this list of work for them, tick all of it and present it to them. You should be sure of receiving the warmest hug and some lovely words this Valentine’s.

Finish Chores

3. Spend Quality Time

From spouses to being parents, is a very long and beautiful journey. But somewhere, in the middle of this journey, the ‘’you and me’’ gets replaced and it’s all about your child now. So, this Valentine’s Day take out some time once your child is off to sleep and spend some quality time with each other. Just being alone for some time will give you both a day out of the ordinary and away from your demanding schedules. You can simply go for a long drive, a walk in the park or sit out in the balcony at home and talk your hearts out. There may be many things that you want to tell each other but did not get the time or kept ignoring it. Take this opportunity to express all that is hidden in the corner of each of your hearts.

Spend Quality Time

4. Family Festivity

Sometimes, even after a lot of effort, it becomes very difficult to plan this special day when you do not have any help at home for your kids. Hence, don’t worry and make it a family affair. Plan a day trip together or a picnic by the beach and have fun family style. You can also carry along a gift for your partner to surprise them there while the kids are at play. This way you will not miss the occasion and at the same time you would be spending it with the dearest and nearest ones like one big happy family. It will be one of the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day of your life.

Family Festivity

5. Make a Gift

While you are busy in your daily routine, sending your kids to school, taking them to class, putting them to sleep, there are days just going by and important occasions being missed. Probably, you must have not even celebrated Valentine’s Day in years. Do things in a different way this year and bring a smile on your lover’s face. Sit down and make them a greeting card. Pour your heart out in it and write everything that you have missed saying to him/her for a long time. These can be words of appreciation, a cute love poem, caring words or a simple “I love you” but will make your companion’s day.

Make a Gift