40th Birthday Cakes For Women

40th Birthday Cakes For Women Even though birthdays are always special for a woman, some birthdays happen to be more special than others and a 40th birthday is surely one of those super special ones in a woman’s life. When a woman celebrates her 40th birthday, along with a party and lots of food, one of the most important things to be taken care of is the birthday cake for her.

Instead of ordering a simple chocolate or pineapple cake, you can use these 5 innovative ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday cake and personalize it to make her smile and feel unique.

Various 40th Birthday Cakes For Women

Shopping Cake

If the woman who is turning 40 is extremely fond of shopping and likes to shop from all the international brands like Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton and Guess then you can order for a cake which has accessories like bags, shoes, earrings, wallets and clothes with these names written on it.

Shopping Cake

You can get a chocolate cake made and these things can be made with chocolate icing and colored to give it a real look. The woman is sure to love the cake and will enjoy cutting it with all her favorite goodies on it.

Fitness Cake

Nowadays, many women have become a fitness freak no matter what their age is and wish to own a fit and toned body. If the woman you wish to give the cake to is also in the same league and either goes to the gym or swims every day to maintain her physique, then you should order a cake which is either in the design of a swimming pool, gym or weighing scale to make it unique and different for her. You can also ask the cake decorator to put a few miniatures of women swimming or working out to denote the birthday woman and make her feel special.

40 Shaped Cake

A simple yet sweet birthday cake for a woman turning 40 would be one where you shape the cake in the number 40 and write all the things that she loves or matters to her like her family’s name, her school’s name or workplace’s name on the cake with the help of icing.

40 Shaped Cake

This will make her whole world and her life be summed up in the cake and she will surely love the idea of the shape and writing in totality. You can also use her favorite colors and make the cake completely personalized for her.

Jewelry Cake

No women can resist jewelry or say no to it and the woman who you are going to gift the cake too would be one of them. Order for a jewelry cake in which various types of jewelries are made like that of earrings, neck piece and bangles and gift it to her to make her day special.

Another idea for such a cake would be to get the cake made in the shape of a neck piece or bangle, depending on what the woman likes most. Small white colored icing drops can be used to emphasize on the jewelry pieces as this will show that you have taken all effort possible to make her day a really special one.