40 Easy To Make DIY Halloween Decor Ideas To Create A Stunning Effect This Halloween

DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

The eve of All Saints Day is celebrated as Halloween. This festival traces its origins to the Celtic Festival Samhain when people believed that spirits roamed free on the earth. When Halloween comes around, everyone is dressing up in scary costumes and preparing for trick or treating. It’s the time for children to enjoy themselves and adults to decorate their homes in ghoulish delight. You don’t have to buy expensive Halloween décor as there are many ways to create them by yourself using inexpensive raw material.

Here is a look at 40 interesting DIY Halloween Decor Ideas:

1. Spooky Faces

Get plastic cups in various colors, draw spooky faces on them with a black marker. Place LED tea lights inside and watch the face glow.

Spooky Faces

2. Jack-o-Lanterns

Mason jars in various sizes and colors can be used to draw Jack-O-Lanterns. The funnier and spookier the face, better the result. Put LED tea lights inside and see the face glow up.


3. Ghosts Made From Styrofoam

Get a couple of Styrofoam balls and use black paint to make eyes on them. Cut cheesecloth to the desired length, pull them over the balls and stick in place. Hang them using nylon string over the Porch.

Ghosts made from Styrofoam

4. Stenciling On Pumpkins

Place stencils over pumpkins and sponge paint on the design. You can use multiple colors, different designs to bring out looks like never before.

Stenciling on Pumpkins

5. Card Stock

Draw pumpkin and ghost faces on card stock, string them together on a bamboo thread and hang them as banners above doors or the fireplace.

Card Stock

6. Balloons

Draw spooky faces on a couple of balloons, put a light stick inside, blow them up and tie. You can bunch up a couple of balloons and place them in a part of the room.


7. Pumpkins As Lanterns

Make lanterns from pumpkins by first carving out the top part, eyes and mouth. Paint the pumpkin in white. Place candles inside and light them. Put this into a lantern casing for a fantastic effect.

Pumpkins as Lanterns

8. Mini Pumpkins For Centerpiece

Paint small pumpkins in metallic shades of rust, copper and brown. Sprinkle glitter on them and set them together as a centerpiece in the table or elsewhere in the home.

Mini Pumpkins for Centerpiece

9. Bat Cut-outs

Bats are the perfect way to bring on an eerie environment. Use black card stock to cut out bat figures from small to large size and glue them to the ceiling and walls.

Bat cut-outs

10. Toilet Paper Rolls With Glowing Eyes

Cut out spooky eyes on toilet paper rolls and place glow sticks inside. Place them in a dark corner for an eerie effect.

Toilet Paper Rolls with Glowing Eyes

11. Spooky Coasters

Make spooky coasters by cutting cardstock down to coaster size. Paint in black, white, brown, grey colors and draw pumpkin faces, spooky eyes or spider cobwebs on them in contrasting colors.

Spooky Coasters

12. Milk Bottles with Ghastly Look

Paint spooky eyes and mouths in black on huge milk bottles. Put a couple of LED tea lights inside each and line them up in the walkway.

Milk Bottles with Ghastly Look

13. Bat Eggs Cartons

The chandelier is the perfect place to hang bats made from egg cartons. Paints the cartons all black. Draw spooky eyes in white card stock and glue it onto the carton. Turn the carton upside down and tie to chandelier with a string.

Bat Eggs Cartons

14. Ghoulish Bottles to Serve Juice

Pick up bottles that you are going to throw away, spray paint them in white and draw ghostly eyes in black marker. Put straw inside and use them to serve guests.

Ghoulish Bottles to Serve Juice

15. Eerie Table Runner

Table runner with fantastic Halloween themes printed give a fabulous look to the table. You can also make your own table runner by spraying it with red splotches for a blood stained effect before laying them down. You can also use the same to wrap mason jars and place them on them table alongside plates.

Eerie Table Runner

16. Candy Corn Colored Glass Bottles

Clean glass bottles and spray paint in candy corn colors- white, orange and yellow. Place them on the table, mantle pieces or windowsill.

Candy Corn Colored Glass Bottles

17. Makeover Christmas Ornaments

Take large Christmas ornaments, cover them in wrapping paper with Halloween style prints and hang them from the ceiling.

Makeover Christmas Ornaments

18. Pumpkins with Glittery Black Designs

Use glue to draw figures of spiders, jack on lantern faces, spooky bats on pumpkins and then spray black glitter on the glue application. The resulting effect is a nice contrast to the pale pumpkin color.

Pumpkins with Glittery Black Designs

19. Ghostly Autumn Leaves

Paint autumn leaves in white and draw spooky eyes in black on them. Hang them from the chandeliers, doors and windows.

Ghostly Autumn Leaves

20. Spider Cut Out

Make a huge spider cut out and place it on a window or wall. Spider cut out designs can be easily downloaded in varying styles

Spider Cut Out

21. Scary Cupcake

Use a hand from an old doll or toy to create ‘rising from the dead’ effect on a cup cake. Bake the cake as usual and ice it. Place the hand on top of the icing for this effect.

Scary Cupcake

22. Monster From Paper Strips

Cut long white strips of paper and glue them together to form the shape of a monster’s head. The head should look like basket turned upside down. Put a glow stick inside for a creepy effect.

Monster From Paper Strips

23. Spooky Fruits

Take a large grapefruit or orange, stick cloves on its surface to make a jack-o-lantern or scary ghost face. Nice for placing on the table.

Spooky Fruits

24. Paper Balls as Jack-O-Lanterns

Large orange paper balls can be used to make Jack-O-Lantern faces. Construction paper is perfect to draw and cut faces and the pumpkin stem. Stick the face, stem on the balls with glue and place the balls in different parts of the home.

Paper Balls as Jack-O-Lanterns

25. Creepy Furniture

Put cheesecloth on items like sofas, mirrors, table, wall etc to give a spooky look to the rooms.

Creepy Furniture

26. Black Cat from Pumpkin

Paint a pumpkin in black and glue a small round ball painted in black to one side to make a cat’s face. Glue yellow eyes, triangular nose and ears on the small ball. Your black cat is ready.

Black Cat from Pumpkin

27. Light up Candles in Black

Use black candles on the table, mantelpiece and other parts of the home. Have them lit before the guests arrive.

Light up Candles in Black

28. Hanging Witch’s Hat

Make witch’s hats from cardstock by first creating a conical body which is stuck to a circular base. Hang them from the ceiling and place a broom stick in the corner for an eerie effect.

Hanging Witch’s Hat

29. Mummified Mason Jars

Cover mason jars in gauze to make a mummy look, stick readymade spooky eyes to complete the effect.

Mummified Mason Jars

30. Spooky Hanging Rolls

Get a packet of LED tea lights. Spray paint card rolls in white. Glue a tea light on the top and hang from the ceiling. You can put 20 to 30 per room.

Spooky Hanging Rolls

31. Pumpkin Wreath

Make a pumpkin wreath by sticking mini-pumpkins to a foam wreath.

Pumpkin Wreath

32. Candy Corn

Get candy corn sweets and put them inside pillar candle holders. Place a tea light on the top. Set on the table, mini-table, window sills and porch.

Candy Corn

33. Halloween Cat Pumpkin

Make a black cat face by spraying medium-sized pumpkins in black. Glue spooky eye, triangular red nose and car ears made from car stock. Use small sticks or the whiskers.

Halloween Cat pumpkin

34. Bats Using Pumpkins

Paint small-sized pumpkins in black and attack bat wings to their sides. Glue readymade spooky eyes to complete the bat look.

Bats using Pumpkins

35. Origami Bats

Look into origami instructions for making bats and use them to create as many bats as you want for sticking on walls, ceiling, windows etc.

Origami Bats

36. Black Raven from Paper

Download black raven cut-outs and print in various sizes. Stick the cut out on construction paper and place it on window sills, walls, garden fence etc.

Black Raven from Paper

37. Message Pumpkin

Place a huge pumpkin painted in black at the doorway. Write the words ‘Candy’ in white on it with a arrow mark to show the way to trick or treaters.

Message Pumpkin

38. Candy Pumpkin

Glue white paper all over a medium-sized pumpkin including the stem. Stick M&Ms on the body vertically from top to bottom.

Candy Pumpkin

39. Candy Box made from Pumpkin

Get a faux pumpkin and cut it in half. Place a cloth inside the bottom part and fill it with candy for trick or treaters.

Candy Box made from Pumpkin

40. Pumpkin Totem Pole

Create a totem pole of medium-sized pumpkins by spray painting them in white, drawing jack-o-lantern faces in black and then stack them one on top of the other.

Pumpkin Totem Pole