4 Unique DIY Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Gift Ideas For Her

Making celebration of wedding anniversary has now become a fashionable trend among couple whether they’re celebrating their first anniversary or 50th anniversary.  In fact, such celebration delivers freshness to their love and relationship. However, for a hubby, it is not easy to choose the best gift for his beloved having low account balance. It is because of higher expectations from other side on that special day even if she is very well concern with your credit limits.

Most common gifts for anniversary like jewelry and outfits generally prove to be pricy for a husband and many times, it disturbs their existing budget. However, it is also possible to celebrate this romantic day with your wife by giving memorable DIY gifts which not only will save your money but also will add flavor of love to your relationship with her. Here are the fantastic thoughtful and unique gift ideas for anniversary that you can use to make her feel that you really care for her.

Take Her On A Historic Tour

Historic Tour

If you really want to make your wife happy on your anniversary  with your anniversary gift then a romantic historic tour will be an amazing gift for her. Every couple has sweet memories which lost its fragrance with passage of time. On the day of wedding anniversary, you can refresh them by visiting places like place where you met her first time or to the place where you had proposed her. Such places are highly memorable and bring a sweet taste to married life even after several years of marriage. On your historic tour, you can also add flavor of love by having a dinner on that restaurant where both of you have visited after your marriage.

Decorate her Car With Sweet Messages

Decorated Car

It is an amazing idea to express your love for her on the special day of your wedding anniversary. In fact, wife always expect something special from her husband side on that special day and car deco is a superb gifting idea which is beyond her expectation. You just need a window marker to decorate her car glasses and window screen with sweet messages to show her importance in your life.

Surprise Vacation And Dinner At Home

home dinner

If your credit limit is low and you want to make your anniversary special with your anniversary gift at low budget then you must plan a romantic vacation in your city with her. In your surprise tour, you must include a plan of your visit to a garden or museum followed by a surprise dinner in your home.  Make dishes of her choice in your surprise dinner. It is advisable to you to buy a cake from the market for celebrating your anniversary because cake is a must to celebrate any special day. Your surprise dinner and romantic vacation will really be worth to her and will be a perfect gift for her on your wedding anniversary.

Homemade Anniversary Greeting Card

Greeting Card

Making an anniversary greeting card by yourself is the best idea and is a giveaway gift for your wife which she will definitely remember throughout her life. You will need a scissor to give new design to your greeting card and in your card you must write beautiful messages that can highlight your love for her.


These are the best DIY anniversary gift ideas for her that you can easily follow to celebrate your anniversary without making heavy expense on your celebration. These ideas really work well and are adopted by many husbands nowadays as such ideas make their bonding much strong than before.