4 Great Outdoor Venue Ideas For Children’s Parties

Outdoor Venue Ideas Children’s parties are a great way to celebrate, make new friends or just have more fun with good buddies. But the task of planning and executing a party can be quite tedious, especially the after party chaos that is your house.

So why don’t you think of taking the kids to where they belong – the great outdoors. Kids love being outside – it’s the best place for the bunch of energy balls to blow off some steam. And you wouldn’t have to be too bothered about planning for the decorations or the games. Here are some ideas for taking children’s parties outdoors.

Venue Ideas For Children’s Parties

What About Your Backyard?

Your very own backyard is often the ideal place to host a children’s party. You can easily whip up a great outdoor party with some simple games, activities and food. While you may hold model views on cleanliness, children think otherwise – they just love to get messy.

So put out a sand box, fill up your kiddie pool, hang up a pinata and enjoy the noise. A grand game of chasing bubbles and sidewalk hopscotch can be thoroughly entertaining. How about some wall graffiti? Just hang up a writable fabric over your sidewall or fence and let the children’s show off their artwork.

focus on the picnic table

Pull out your grill for a traditional cook out; and make some kid-friendly delights like hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob. Add a good dose of healthy fruit salads and fresh fruit juices. And don’t miss out the adults – they would love to dig into some steaks or chicken.

And let’s not forget the decorations; for children love colors and craft work. Since your yard, with its green grass and colorful flowers will do most of the decoration for you; focus on the picnic table. Lay out a colorful tablecloth, preferably a disposable one; and hang some decorative lighting from the trees or your patio.

How About The Parks?

If you want to look at places beyond your backyard for hosting your child’s party, then start with the neighborhood park. There is plenty of open space, so plan organized activities like tag, running races, and “follow the leader” that will involve lots of running around. Take along some soccer balls, Frisbee and footballs; maybe some kites too.

Besides, there is built-in entertainment available from the playground equipment. This will keep the kids busy for quite sometime. But remember to carry a first-aid kit with you to comfort the bruises and falls. Take a walk with the kids around the park and let them experience nature up close and personal.

Children go crazy over picnics, so pack large baskets with cakes, fruits, sandwiches and other snacks like chips. If you want to keep some food and drinks cold, bring along a suitable cooler. Some parks even offer grills for you to cook chicken and hot dogs.

While your local park may be just as good, you have to keep in mind the other children who will be using the park for their play activities. So check out other parks that offer party spaces and reserve some picnic tables in order to get assured places.

Want To Get In League With Nature?

If you have an animal lover for a child, then take the kids out for a zoo party. Most zoos will offer party packages, if your group is large enough. Your brat bunch will enjoy an interesting time pointing out the various wild animals.

kids out for a zoo party

You can even arrange for a tour guide at the zoo to teach the kids about animal behavior and habitats. And you can have double the fun at a zoo that provides animal shows, as long as you are able to ensure front row seats for everyone in the gang.

If the zoo party has been done far too many times, then how about a ride to the countryside? A trip to an animal farm will be exciting, especially for younger kids. Go to a farm that offers horse rides, animal feeding time, pick-it-yourself fruits and some cultural activities.

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Won’t A Pool Party Be A Splash?

The scorching summer is the perfect time to rent out a pool at your local sports center for a super cool pool party. While younger kids will have enough fun just splashing around, you can also encourage them to play ball.

Older kids will have a ball with games like water volleyball and water polo. Do keep your eyes on the kids in the pool – get some adults to help you play the role of a life guard. For some decoration ideas, you can make the area around the pool resemble a Hawaiian celebration or induce a tropical feel through green plants and some scene setters.

Some Considerations

Moving to and from an outdoor party can prove to be a challenge. Unless you have a whole or half day at your disposal, pick a venue that is easily accessible. Also, take into account the number of items that you are going to carry to the party – it can be tough to carry all the food, decoration and keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

carry all the food, decoration

So get someone to deliver the party items at the venue. While you may be planning an outdoor party, Mother Nature may be planning otherwise. Plan your party during late spring, summer and early fall when the weather tends to more pleasant

. Still the chances of rain and other weather conditions affecting your party are always there. So have a backup party plan – it definitely is better than trying to placate a bunch of grumpy kids.