4 Funny Bridal Shower Games

 Funny Bridal Shower Games

When you are hosting a bridal shower you need to ensure that you have included some funny games to keep the bride and the guests entertained. There are uncountable games to take your pick from which might make it difficult for you to make your choice. It does not matter whether the games are silly they should let the bride have some fun before getting married. Some of the bridal shower games that are fun and exciting have been mentioned below.

Funny Games Ideas For A Bridal Shower

1. Trivia Time

Through this game the guests can test the knowledge of the bride and the groom of each other. Playing this game can be plenty of fun as the questions can be as silly as you want. All you have to do is ask the groom a set of questions and collect his answers one day before the bridal shower.

During the shower the guests will ask the bride the same set of questions after which you can read the aloud the groom’s answers. The guests are going to laugh out loud at the silly questions and the answers given by the bride and groom.

Trivia Time

2. Guess Your Man

If you are throwing a co-ed bridal shower then this game is just what you need to make the event exciting for the guests. In this game, you will have to blindfold the bride and ask her to guess her man by touching the hands and arms of all the men present in the bridal shower. It can be very exciting to see if the bride can correctly guess who her groom is.

Once the bride’s turn is over you can ask the female guests to play the guessing game by taking turns. It can be hilarious when a girl picks up the wrong man! It will also help in breaking the ice if the guests do not know each other well.

 Guess Your Man

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3. Bridal Pictionary

This is a hugely popular game to play on bridal showers. Some of the items that you are going to need for playing bridal Pictionary are markers, an easel with pad, a bowl or a basket and the list of topics.

The topics have to be wedding related objects, terms and phrases like ‘cake’, ‘honeymoon’ and ‘tying the knot’ respectively. To start playing you have to divide the guests into two teams. One person from the first team will pick up a paper from the bowl and make sketches on the easel to explain the topic to their team. The team which makes the most guesses correctly will win.

 Bridal Pictionary

4. Naughty Bride

This is one game that is sure to take everyone with surprise. It is not exactly a game but an activity that the guests can do to make the bridal shower more fun and exciting.

Request the guests to note down whatever the bride says while opening each of her gifts. After all gifts have been opened you can tell the bride that you know what she is going to say to her husband on the wedding night!

Naughty Bride