4 Fabulous Ideas For Teenage Parties

Fabulous Ideas For Teenage Parties

A teenage birthday party can be one of the most difficult birthday parties to plan, after all, everyone knows it can be very difficult to please a teen!

Fabulous Ideas For Teenage Parties

However, if you can tap into what your teenager seems to be genuinely interested in, you can plan an awesome birthday party that he and his friends will love. Here are some interesting teenage birthday party ideas you can consider:

Teenage Parties Ideas

Favorite Sport Idea

Most teens play some kind of sport and if your teenager is completely smitten by a certain sport, this could be the theme he will adore. The first step is to decide on the sport your teen is crazy about. Let’s say, you figure out it is basketball. Now, go ahead and invite all of his or her friends telling them to dress up like famous basketball players.

You can have secret conversation with your child’s friends in advance to even discuss what costumes they will wear and how they will imitate their favorite sports star. On the day of the party, make sure the house looks completely like an exotic basketball court. You can even set up two mock basketball polls in the house!

If possible, drape the tables with a table cloth that has basketballs or basketball players on it. The cake itself can resemble  a giant basketball.When all the friends land up, have an event in the party in which they will have to imitate their favorite basketball player.

Make sure you take lots of pictures and shoot loads of videos as the teens come up with their antics! When everyone’s leaving, you can gift them a small basketball-shaped trophy to remember the occasion. Do make sure however, that you choose a sport your teen really loves. If he or she is not that much into sports, move on to the next few ideas!

Favorite Sport Idea

Favorite Fictional Character Theme

Teenage is the age when adolescents tend to read a lot of mystery and fantasy novels. If your child is into reading extensively, why not base the entire party on his favorite character?

Let us say, your teen is an avid Sherlock Holmes fan. Ask his or her friends to come dressed like people of the nineteenth century. The costumes don’t need to be perfect, but make sure everyone wears really old-fashioned clothes.

When you decorate the house, put up placards that read ‘221b, Baker Street’, or other addresses mentioned in Sherlock Holmes novels. Flood the main room where you will celebrate the birthday with items that a detective might be interested in, like magnifying glasses, typewritten letters and fingerprints. Let the house look like Sherlock Holmes‘ apartment!

When the guests arrive, they will need to address the birthday boy as Mr Holmes. That will surely make your teen incredibly happy. To keep the theme alive throughout the birthday, you can also host a ‘Solve the Mystery Quiz’ in which guests will be divided into teams and  asked quiz questions. The team that triumphs in the quiz will win a copy of a Sherlock Holmes book.

Of course, feel free to choose a character that your teenager is passionate about. Some other popular characters that teenagers love are Harry Potter, Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Katniss Everdeen.

Fictional Character Theme

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Favorite Celebrity Idea

As a teen, it is natural to have a crush on, or idolize a certain actor or actress. Join in the fun by hosting a party that focuses on that character your teen loves.

Ask all his or her friends to come dressed as a certain character this celebrity plays in different movies. This will surely be fun because all the other teenagers will love dressing up like someone they never really dress like in real life. Friends of the opposite sex can dress like the other characters in the films portrayed by the ‘celebrity of the day’.

Decorate the house by putting up banners and posters related to the movies associated with that celebrity. Let songs related to that celebrity play as the party goes on.

You can even have a game in which everyone has to act as if they were part of a certain movie and amuse the others. To make this game more exciting, you can organize a ‘pass-the-box’ event in which the teenagers pass a box as music plays. The person who has the box when the music stops needs to act, dance or sing.

Of course, a fitting return gift would be a photograph of the entire group (in their excellent dresses) with a message from you underneath. You can print out copies of the photograph as the party is about to get over. Everyone involved will love the experience.

Favorite Celebrity Idea

Weird And Whacky Theme

The one complaint most parents have about their teenagers is that they act in weird and unpredictable ways. Well, in this birthday party, you can allow your own teen and his friends to finally express their weirdness in interesting ways. You can be sure that will make any teen happy!

When you send out the invitations, make sure you ask everyone invited to dress in a weird and whacky way. Don’t give them any specific way to dress, but they should be asked to dress in such a way that they definitely come across as weird.

Decorating the home as you prepare for the party will also be fun, because all you have to do is make the home look weird. That’s not difficult if you can enlist the help of your teen! As the party progresses, make sure to organize a birthday game in which each guest has to give a completely weird performance off the cuff.

Some ideas for weird performances include – singing a popular song in a completely different or unconventional tone, dancing to a song as the music plays in a way that does not match the theme of the song at all, composing and singing a popular song with one’s own creative lyrics etc. You can be sure all teens present will have a hearty laugh.

Again, the parting gift for all friends can a group photograph that has your own lines written under the photograph. This will preserve the memories of this wonderful day for a long time.

As you can see, organizing a teenage birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it also involves a lot of effort. However, the effort will all be worth it when you see the joy on your teen’s face at the end of the party. Also, this can be a nice way to create an unforgettable memory with your child. Have a blast!

Weird And Whacky Theme