4 Extraordinary Ideas To Surprise Your Wife This Valentine’s Day

To Surprise Your Wife This Valentine's Day

In this normal routine life, we often forget to acknowledge the love and affection of our loved ones. Our wives work around the clock to give us a smooth life, wake us up in the mornings, pack our lunch, do all the daily chores, and welcome us home with a smile. We seldom realize the need to express our feelings to them and assume she knows everything. It is high time you recognize her hard work, patience, and unconditional love for you and admit your undying love for her this Valentine’s Day by surprising her in extraordinary ways.

Here Are 4 Extraordinary Ideas To Surprise Your Wife This Valentine’s Day:

1. Up Above the Sky

Ever wondered how it is to see the world from up above? It is time to get to know this very experience this coming Valentine’s Day when you take your wife for a hot air balloon ride. Sweep her off the floor, quite literally, and have a bird’s eye view of a mesmerizing location of her choice. Enjoy this elevation with her and see the surprise in her eyes. The two of you in a private hot air balloon and the world beneath you will make this the ride of your lives. You can enhance this by bringing in some red roses and organizing a cake to make it blissful.

Up Above the Sky

2. Touch of Royalty

Celebrate life, celebrate your woman this Valentine’s day. Treat her like a queen and grant her a kingdom of royal happiness for a day. Book a private luxurious villa for a night and take her there by surprise. Book one with a private Jacuzzi or a pool and decorate it with rose petals and fragrant candles. Have some pictures of the two of you put in various parts of the villa with sweet messages for her. You can also put red heart balloons around the entire villa for some romance in the air. After this exotic stay, your wife will definitely feel like she is the queen of your heart.

Touch of Royalty

3. Amorous Adventure

If both of you love living life on the edge, this will be an excellent surprise for your wife. Paragliding in the sky, sky diving from the clouds, scuba diving under water will have her super excited. You can plan in advance and have a special huge banner made wishing her “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Whether it is up in the sky or under the sea, your idealistic effort will leave her stunned and starry-eyed. You can also book a yacht, a private jet or a chopper ride depending on your budget and experience a larger than life moment with your gorgeous Valentine.

Amorous Adventure

4. Flash Mob

Propose to take your wife for shopping to a mall this Valentine’s day and she will happily oblige. While she is moving about in the crowd where everyone is doing their own thing, suddenly, one by one a group of about 8-10 people start dancing in front of her. She realizes that they are all actually dancing for her and to top it, on her favorite song. She looks at you and you give her a knowing smile. That’s it. She has been taken by surprise by this group of professionals who have made her Valentine’s day surprise the most special ever. Giving your wife this kind of attention will leave her lost in a dreamy sequence.

Flash Mob