4 Eco Friendly Gifts For Women

Ear Rings

The environment is going through a lot of hardships. Global warming, pollution, contamination are slowly making the environment non habitable. Mankind has progressed considerably in every field. However, this progress has come with a heavy price. The resources that earth provides are slowly being drained to a point of no regeneration. The effects of modernization are so drastic that people are slowly beginning to grasp the gravity of the situation.

Today’s generation is concerned about the environment and try to come up with ways to protect it. Every year, we spend a huge amount of money on gifts. Gifts are essential to most occasions and they bring a lot of joy. However, most of the gifts just have a sentimental value to them. The joy of gifts could be combined with care for the environment by gifting eco friendly gifts. Here are a few eco friendly gift suggestions for women.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts For Women

A clothing Accessory

Women love to accessorize their attire with earrings, belts and so on. You could gift a clothing accessory made out of recyclable material or eco friendly material like cloth or jute. Clothes are mostly eco friendly barring the ones that have plastic bits in them.

Ear Rings

Cotton is the most eco friendly material and a cotton accessory or clothing item itself would be a great gift. A lot of clothes are made out of cotton. A simple cotton shirt in a pastel shade or a cotton scarf would be a wonderful gift to present.

A Diary Made Of Recycled Paper

Numerous trees are cut down to make paper, many of which are thrown away half used or ill used by end consumers. Recycled paper turns waste paper into reusable paper. This process is a very supportive step toward saving the environment, which is rapidly declining. Gifting a diary made out of recycled paper would be a very thoughtful gift.

Diary Made Of Recycled Paper

A diary is a very useful gift and a diary made out of recycled paper would definitely show a caring side. You could accompany the diary with a box of chocolates or a pen or simple give it as an individual gift.

A Jute Product

Jute is a very eco friendly material. It is a natural fiber and is completely bio degradable. Its cultivation needs the use of minimalistic pesticides which makes is very safe for the environment. This fiber is often called the golden fiber and is used for a variety of purposes.

Jute Bag

Jute gift items could include handicrafts, carpets, bags, belts, hair accessories and a lot more. A jute gift would be a very thoughtful gift as it would benefit both the receiver and the environment.

Gardening Tools

There are many ways to be environment friendly. One way is to regenerate the environment and gardening tools are of utmost importance in the process of regeneration.

Gardening Tool

Whether the receiver has a lawn or a terrace garden, gardening apparatus would make excellent eco friendly gifts. This is mainly because the gift shall promote care for the environment along with being eco friendly.