4 Cool Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

Just remembered that there’s a birthday and no time to come up with a gift? No problem. You would be surprised by the number of great gifts you can come up with on short notice. If  you can manage a quick trip to a department or grocery store, you can easily find a nice present.You can choose a giant birthday card, a beautiful flower arrangement, scented candles or a 1000-piece puzzle. It’s a good idea to buy hobby-inspired gifts, depending on how well you know the recipient. If you cannot make it to the shop, then go the DIY route and make one yourself. Here are some terrific last minute birthday gift ideas that are certain to make an impression.

Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscription

Do you have a cool collection of magazines? If you search among the pages, you will find the tear-out subscription form. Fill all the details including the payment information and put it into a envelope made of handmade paper. Tie it with a ribbon and label with a birthday message.

You can fill out the form for a year’s subscription of any good magazine. Choose a magazine that is related to the recipient’s interests or if you’re not too sure, anything that is of general interest. Make sure that the magazines chosen are age-appropriate and appealing.

2. Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

It happens very frequently that when we are in a hurry, we tend to buy the first thing we see. It may be something the birthday boy/girl already has. It is a shame to waste money on something that is neither wanted nor needed. The safest bet in this case is to gift money or the equivalent like a gift certificate or coupon.Gift certificates from department stores and restaurants are appropriate to nearly all ages. This will enable the recipient to buy anything that he/she likes best. This is a particularly great gift for teenagers and children.

3. Money Jar

Who says giving money is not classy? There is no such thing. In fact, money is often more welcome than gifts because many people end up getting a lot of things they don’t need on their birthdays. Cold cash is also a terrific gift to receive no matter what age group the recipient belongs to. It means extra spending money for the month or extra dollars for a rainy day.

This is a perfect last minute birthday gift that you can assemble in less than 10 minutes. You don’t even need to leave the house. Just find a clean label-free mason jar and fill it with notes and coins. Decorate the jar attractively or simply label it with a special birthday message.

Money Jar

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4. Box Of Candy

This is a great last minute gift for someone with a sweet tooth. And all it takes is a quick visit to a grocery store to pick out a box of chocolates. You can go in for the exotic varieties or just buy a pack of assorted ones. If you happen to have an empty box at home, cover it in decoupage and fill it with chocolates. You can do the same with a wicker basket. Decorate with colorful ribbon or gold or silver thread and there you have it – a quick gift ready in minutes.

Box Of Candy