4 Best Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Baby Gift Basket Ideas Earlier buying a gift for a new born meant heading towards the nearest departmental store and buying a packet of diapers, clothes or a soft toy. Today creative and innovative gifts for babies have replaced the old trend of giving common gifts.

It is important that the creative gifts should be useful; the baby gift baskets have done so. Baby gift baskets are the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a child and it can be bought or made at home within your budget. These gifts can be presented in a variety of ways thus increasing the gifts value.

Splendid Gift Basket Ideas For Little Babies

Bed Time Story Books Basket

Giving a collection of books is an immensely popular baby gift basket idea. Give a unique collection of books as you are gifting the child a very precious gift which is of reading and learning. You could include books which have short stories with a lot of pictorial representation to attract the child’s attention during the child’s early years.

Bed Time Story Books Basket

A fairy tale book is a must as children love stories about kings, queens and knights. You could also give a book on rhymes and poetry which will be educative and increase interaction between the parents and the child. Include certain books which have hard pages so that the pages can be easily flipped by the tender hands.

Baby Bath Accessories Basket

Gift the baby a basket full of all the accessories that the new parents would need when giving a bath to the baby. You could include soaps, comb set, lotion, talcum powder, shampoo, cream, baby oil, and antiseptics in this gift basket. Ensure that the products are from a good company and there is no sort of adulteration to prevent allergies. Do not forget to add a huge hooded towel to dry the baby quickly after the bath is over. A diaper rash cream is also important to take care of the rashes that are caused by diapers.

Beach Time Basket

You could give a beach themed baby basket which is really liked by all new parents. Include all sorts of colorful items to make the basket look attractive. The basket should have a sunscreen for the baby’s scalp skin and lips, a small water bottle, soft cotton blanket and towel, tiny plastic containers to carry food, a hat, a pair of sun glasses and beach toys.

Beach Time Basket

Don’t forget to also gift a nice pair of beach wear clothes for the child to make the set complete. These items can also be useful if the child is playing in the terrace or in the backyard.

Colorful Blanket Basket

A multiple set of sheets and blankets is a must for a new born during his early years. Giving sheets and blankets as a gift for the baby is always acknowledged. Check out the kid’s nursery and give blankets which match with the walls of the nursery. Make sure you give blankets of different colors to make it look attractive.

If you want to do something special then knit a woolen blanket for the kid. You could also give small soft pillow which can be used by the child later. Blankets of various sizes and shapes are easily available in the market and online stores for you to choose from.