35th Birthday Gift Ideas For A Husband

 Birthday Gift Ideas For A Husband

35th birthday is yet another important birthday in a man’s life. He is most probably settled in his business, married and has kids. He, thus almost forgets his past twenties life and heads steadily towards his forties. Hence, you should plan an exciting gift for your husband on his 35th birthday. You should try to make him relax and revive his old memories and passion on this happy occasion. Some of the interesting gift ideas are included in this article:

35th Birthday Gift Ideas For A Husband

1. Healthy Options

Health is one thing, which is mostly overlooked by the men in their thirties. They usually indulge in fatty foods, neglect exercise and stop taking care of their skin and body. Thus, you should definitely gift your husband some healthy options in order to help him stay fit. For example, you can gift him a barbeque grill so that he can enjoy his favorite meat, vegetables and fish grills, rather than eat fried foods.

You can also purchase a gym membership card of a nearest, good gym for your husband. Thus, it will help him in reducing weight and in maintaining cholesterol, blood sugar and pressure level. You can even organize a spa visit so that he can enjoy a relaxing massage, foot spa or anti-ageing facial.

Healthy Options

2. Recreation Options

Men in their thirties generally forget to take out time for themselves because of their huge work load. Thus, you can certainly gift your husband some of the recreational activities that he likes most. For example, you can gift a golf course or tennis court voucher if he is interested. You can even buy tickets for his favorite movie, sports events or concerts.

Recreation Options

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3. Home Ambience

Most of the men spend their day outside in the office or travel a lot on business tours. This is the day when both of you can stay at home and enjoy each other’s company. You can prepare his favorite dishes, including appetizer, starter, salad, main course and deserts. You can even organize a small birthday party at home and invite his close friends and family members.

Home Ambience

4. Pleasure Tour

Your husband might miss the fun and excitement which he had during his twenties life. Thus, you can plan a pleasure trip for the both of you to his favorite destination and revive those old memories of your relationship. You can even ask his men friends to plan a surprise boy’s trip and let him be free for a couple of days.

Pleasure Tour

5. Gift Him Related Birthday Gifts

Gifts are always a part of an occasion, such as, birthday. You should gift him his favorite CDs, DVDs or any musical instrument which he is passionate about. You can even gift him his favorite sports goods, appliances and gadgets of his choice. For example, a new phone, laptop, I pad, etc. is a good option.

Gift Him Related Birthday Gifts

You can even gift an elegant wristwatch, shoes or a gold chain on his birthday. Cakes, candles, pairs of socks, pens, etc. can have emphasis on the number 35 in order to make the gift look amusing.