30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Birthday Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Birthday of a loved one always brings a lot of excitement. You not only have the task of planning a party but also have to worry about the gift you are going to buy for them. It can be very confusing for any person to decide as to what gift to give to individuals who have reached their 30th birthday. The gift you buy for them should be able to show your affection for that person and at the same time be of some use to them in their everyday life.

Gift Ideas For Men

1. Liquor

Fine liquor is always appreciated by men. Your options include Brandy, Scotch, Vodka, Irish whiskey, etc. If money is of no concern to you then it may be a good idea to send a gift basket of fine and sophisticated liquors.

A liquor basket can help in making a lasting impression. If you are buying for someone special then you can gift an engraved bottle of wine of their choice.


2. Electronic Gadgets

It is a fact that all men love their gadgets and it can be one of the best gifts for them. So, when you are selecting a birthday gift for your father, brother, boyfriend or husband you can think about surprising them by gifting their favorite gadget.

Any tech savvy man will be surely impressed by a new laptop, iPhone, iPod or a GPS. Just makes sure that you are buying the latest version available in the market.

Electronic Gadgets

3. Sports Equipment

Men, being sports lovers, are really fond of sports equipment like sports shoes, basket ball, tennis racket, etc.

Before buying a gift you should make certain that it will be useful to the person for whom the gift is intended. A person who is fond of sports and games may already have certain sports equipment.

Sports Equipment

Gift Ideas For Women

4. Jewelry

For a woman her 30th birthday is a milestone. Help her to make this birthday even more special by gifting her jewelry of her choice. Every woman has different taste when it comes to jewelry. This is why it is important you find out what kind of jewelry she likes wearing or else your gift will be of no use to her. According to your budget, you can buy a pendant, earrings, necklace or a bracelet.


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5. Perfume

Most women are fond of perfumes and fragrances. Getting an exotic perfume bottle on her 30th birthday will make her day and she will always remember you for this fond gift. Since, there are more than a few perfume brands in the market it will be a good idea to get to know her favorite before making your purchase.


6. Handbag

You don’t have to be acquainted with many women to know that beautiful handbags make women go crazy!


Furthermore, a handbag is one gift that will never go to waste as most women need at least a dozen handbags to color co-ordinate with their wardrobe. So, no matter what the brand, color or size of the handbag is it will always be a good birthday present for a woman.