3 Easy DIY Wall Decor Gift Ideas

Well, here are 3 easy DIY wall decor ideas that can also work as perfect gift ideas. There are several occasions in a year, ranging from birthdays to anniversaries and certain occasions that demand celebrations. But, to think of new gift ideas every time is a lot of futile time loss and above it all, it also costs are pockets. If we could create gifts with household items, items that are easily available and would cost us far less than purchasing a gift. We could also add a personalized touch to them and to the receiver it shall project the depth of our regard for them, since the amount of time invested to create a personalized and attractive gift.

These creative art wall decor could also be a personalized gift to ourselves. We always have a wall in our house left out, empty. Often we look at it and wonder what could go on that? Well, Makoccino here, in this tutorial shows 3 simple ways to create some beautiful, creative decors for your wall with a few canvases, clock parts, leftover materials and stickers. You could also gift a friend such creative decor gifts for their home decor. Everybody has that one wall in the house that seeks a personalized touch, to execute its occupants creativity, personality and also memories.