3 Easy DIY Paper Lantern Design Ideas

Paper lanterns are simply fancy shaped, illuminated paper bags. They come in different sizes, shapes and color. It is surprising how just a few sheets of paper when lit with candles or tea lights can brighten our room, home, occasions, events and environment. Lights are an integral part of our celebrations, lanterns have been a part of many cultural occasions and celebrations. Imagine the night sky lit with all the paper lanterns released in the open sky, how magical, mystical and spectacular the sight is. Don’t they just capture your vision and appeal to your senses ?

You might find several kinds of ready-made paper lanterns available in the market to suit various diverse occasions from baby showers to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, prom nights, romantic dinner nights etc. Here is a very simple paper lantern making tutorial with just a sheet of paper and a pair of scissors, or a paper cutting knife. Why don’t you get started with this simple pattern and to learn more how these can further be designed, patterned to add a charm to your parties.

Here Are The 3 Tutorial Of Easy DIY Paper Lantern Design

Tutorial 1

Well if making a paper lantern from scratch is not what you fancy but prefer to purchase ready made bamboo lanterns or accordion lanterns. Here are two interesting tutorials how you could add more style and finesse to your lanterns and to your party decors. If you prefer to reuse your old lanterns that you had bought for a recent occasion or party, you could improvise it using these creative ideas.

Tutorial 2

Martha Stewart, plans to decor her daughter’s birthday party with some left over paper lanterns. With the help of some tissues and scissors she adds a classy touch to her birthday bash preparations.

Tutorial 3 

Last but not the least, Robert Mahar makes a paper lantern chandelier to add a more fun side to your festive party decors.

Don’t they just add a lot more of life, light and brightness to your parties?

So, Let’s get started. Ready to add a little more color, class and style to your party decors?