Five 21st Birthday Ideas For Girls

Five 21st Birthday Ideas For Girls

Twenty one is a very important age. At 18 the individual might be named an adult, but he or she does not acquire certain privileges. 21, however, is an age after which an individual is legally and fully an adult. Thus 21 marks the beginning of the young adult phase in a person’s life.


This is a day that should be celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. Listed below are a few 21st birthday ideas for girls that one could consider. These would make the day extremely special to the birthday girl.

Various 21st Birthday Ideas For Girls

1. Twenty One Gifts

Twenty one is a big deal. You could emphasize on this by compiling a gift basket of twenty one gifts. These gifts could span across a variety of categories. Some interesting items that could be included are goofy glasses and funny flip flops.

Common gift items and useful gift items like chocolates, clothing accessories, shoes and so on should also be included. The gifts should be chosen with care and should be specific to the individual. This would make her feel immensely special.

 Twenty One Gifts

2. A Surprise Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party is always fun. You could book an energetic venue and invite all her friends. If the number of confirmed guests is high you could make the venue an exclusive entrance. For a small party of friends any venue could be selected.

If the party is being hosted at her place then pre planning should be done with respect to the food, music and decorations. All factors should be carefully considered before hosting a surprise party. Moreover, care should be taken that the surprise is not revealed before it is intended to be.

A Surprise Birthday Party

3. A Birthday Treat

Generally, the birthday honoree throws a party. If this is the case, you could give her a treat at her favorite restaurant on the day of or one day after her birthday. You could take her to breakfast at a special restaurant on the day of her birthday. This way the treat shall not coincide with her birthday celebrations.

A Birthday Treat

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4. A Homemade Gift

A homemade gift is both thoughtful and caring. A lot of gifts could be made at home. One such special gift is a pack of bath salts. Bath salts can be easily made at home and placed in decorative bottles.

The gift could be given along with a hand towel. The most common homemade gift is an edible gift. You could prepare her favorite dish or simple bake a delicious chocolate cake just for her. She shall be very appreciative of a gift that has been made at home.

 A Homemade Gift

5. A Heartfelt Letter

A letter is an amazing birthday gift. Written words can convey a lot more than a store bought gift. A beautifully written letter would thus make a wonderful birthday present for a twenty one year old girl. It could trace back to the beginning of your friendship with her. You could mention the various ways in which she has affected you. You could end the letter by wishing her the best and asking her to never change. The letter should contain words that can make her smile. A few punch lines here and there would add a humorous touch to the letter.

A Heartfelt Letter