20 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas For Boys

boys Birthday Cake

Is your little boy celebrating his birthday next week? You need to start planning in advance to ensure that he has the best possible birthday. Choosing a good cake is important because little boys have their demands as well.

Here Are Some Fun And Creative Birthday Cake Ideas That Are Sure To Excite Your Little Boy On His Big Day:

Car Birthday Cake

While this might be a safe choice, shaping his birthday cake along the lines of his favourite car model is sure to make him happy. You can choose ‘Lightning McQueen’ from the movie ‘Cars’ as inspiration.

car cake

Mickey Mouse Cake

The smile, those big ears and his jovial nature, a Mickey Mouse shaped cake is perfect if your boy us celebrating his first birthday.

Jungle Cake

Use ‘Tarzan’ as inspiration to create a jungle-inspired cake with small animals and a swinging vine too.

jungle cake

Lego Cake

You can use your kid’s favourite pastime as inspiration and get designed a Lego cake with the characters adorning the cake.

Fire fighter Cake

A fire truck, a hose and miniature fire men on a cake is sure to make your son happy. You can also have an entire fire fighter themed party with an actual trip on a fire truck with fire men for your kid and his friends.

Fire fighter Cake

Dinosaur Cake

This cake will be a definite hit because boys have always been fascinated with dinosaurs as they represent a sense of adventure.

Pirate Cake

Get a cake designed in the form of a pirate ship for your boy with little pirates in them. He will be over the moon with this take.

Pirate Cake

Robot Cake

A robot cake is perfect for little boys that have a fascination for these creations. The box head and extended arms on the robot will definitely excite your kid.

Cowboy Cake

You can have a cowboy cake made with the man on a horse. Also, you can organize a cowboy-themed party as well replete with cowboy hats and boots.

Cowboy Cake

Trucks Party

Little boys love trucks. Therefore, use a truck as inspiration to create a beautiful cake. You could also use ‘Mater’ from the movie ‘Cars’ as inspiration for the cake.

Superhero Cake

You have quite a few superheroes to choose from for this cake – from Batman to Superman. Choose his favourite and make a cake that resembles his hero to the tee.

Superhero Cake

Harry Potter

A cake inspired by the world’s famous boy wizard is perfect. You can create a cake resembling Hogwarts School and have a Harry Potter-themed party too.

Train Cake

If your little boy has a fascination for trains, you should then create a cake based on a train with icing steam bellowing out from the tunnel on top.

train cake

Plane Cake

A plane cake has an interesting appeal to it and should capture the imagination of all the little boys at the party. Have plane cupcakes as well to complement the cake.

plane cake

Spongebob Squarepants Cake

What better than to take your kid’s favourite cartoon character and make a cake out of it. The yellow icing and the intricate details of the cake should be a hit with your kid.

Space Cake

Design your little boy’s cake like a space shuttle and have NASA labelled on the side to give it an authentic look. A little astronaut could be added too.

space cake

Medal Cake

Has your son won a medal recently? Use that as inspiration to create a medal cake with a gold star in the middle to celebrate his accomplishments.

Obstacle Course Cake

Use marzipan to create little obstacle courses on a cake which celebrates the athlete in your child. Small running men in motion on the cake should be quite cute.

Obstacle Course Cake

Jersey Cake

If your son is on the football team in school, make a cake that resembles his jersey. Have his name and number placed too with icing. It can also be frosted with the colours of your kid’s team.

Surfing Cake

This beach-themed cake has a lot of little swimmers frolicking in the water made from icing. The rectangle shaped cake can be covered with hued frosting and given a wave look. Crunch some cookies make the sand.

Surfing Cake