15 Cute Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

Birthday Cake Ideas

Is your little girl about to celebrate her birthday soon? There is nothing like a beautiful and adorable birthday cake that sets the right tone for the party. However, take the time to create or order a birthday cake that is creative and cute and will be loved and remembered by your girl for years to come.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Cutest Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Little Girl:

Rainbow Cake

If your girl loves colours, and the rainbow, then this cake is perfect for her birthday. The bright surprise that helps create the layers of the cake is pretty and delicious to taste.

Pretty in Pink

A pretty pink layered cake with trims and fancy decorations could be just what your daughter needs when it comes to celebrating her birthday.


Little Pony Cake

Most little girls love ponies and unicorns as it helps fuel their imagination. There is nothing as thrilling as a little pony cake to get her excited on her birthday. The colourful characters and the delicious chocolate filling will also help satiate her sweet tooth.

Princess Cake

This is the perfect cake for your little girl because it includes her favourite things – a doll and the colour pink. Also, these cakes are quite easy to make.

Princess Cake

Flower Pot Cake

Does your little girl love gardening because of the pretty flowers? This cake is then perfect for her. Little chocolate balls are used to make flowers. Add sparklers to it for maximum effect on her birthday.

Colourful Candy Cake

The cake is colourful and beautiful and embodies the qualities of little girls everywhere, yours included. This chocolate cake is studded with coloured candy which makes it fun and delicious.

candy cake

Meringue Cake

This cake has yummy meringues on the cake and also comes in a dairy-free variety in case your little girl is allergic to dairy. The use of different colours is what makes this cake truly exciting.

Colourful Heart Cake

Express how much your little girl means to you with this rainbow heart cake that is sure to grab the attention of all the little ones at your child’s birthday party.

heart cake

Fairy Birthday Cake

If you want to truly capture the imagination of your little girl, a fairy cake is the perfect fit. It will really help celebrate her age while also ensuring that she has a memorable birthday to remember.

Handbag Cake

A handbag cake is perfect for girls who are a little elder, love fashion and are obsessed with playing dress up. Therefore, this handbag shaped birthday cake will definitely make the right impact where your little girl is concerned.

handbag cake

Over the Rainbow cake

If your little girl loves fantasy, then this over the rainbow cake will have her searching for her own pot of gold. The use of fun colours, a rainbow made from icing and butterfly-inspired cupcakes are sure to capture the attention of any young girl.

Make up Compact Cake

Add some colour to your little girl’s birthday cake with this make up compact cake that is charming and delicious to taste. If your girl loves to try on your makeup, you may want to order a cake inspired by her favourite pastime.


The Little Starlet Cake

The brilliant idea behind this cake will allow your girl to be the centre of attraction at her birthday party. With ribbons, stars and some edible confetti, you will make her feel like a million bucks with this adorable cake.

Princess Castle Cake

You can take a page out of her favourite fairytale and create a princess castle cake for her. Most of these cakes are made from biscuits, cones and icing. There is hardly any baking involved and is therefore easy to make.

Princess Castle Cake

Crown Cake

This cake is perfect for your little girl who enjoys being a little princess and can now feel like a queen on her birthday.

Crown Cake