15 Creative Bachelorette Themes and Ideas

Bachelorette Themes and Ideas

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be fun and exciting because it marks the last day that a lady is going to be single. Therefore, you need to ensure that you throw an awesome bachelorette party for your friend or sister to make it a memorable night. However, you do not always have to go the tacky route but can instead choose a classy alternative.

Here Some Of The Best Bachelorette Themes And Ideas That You Can Adopt For A Party That Will Be Remembered For Years To Come:

Blow Some Steam

Planning a wedding can be stressful. While a relaxing spa date or a visit to the salon might be a good alternative, all a soon-to-be bride needs is to let off some of the pressure she may be feeling. Take her to a shooting range to get all the stress out of her. You can end the day with her favourite foods with a few glasses of wine to get into the spirit.

Dress Up

You can always come up with an idea to play dress up by choosing a group outfit idea that best reflects the personality of the bride. You can also have custom-designed tees made for the day with her name on it for a fun evening.


The Vineyard Party

For a more sophisticated evening of fun and banter, choose to take your friend to a nearby wine country for a stylish evening. Some vineyards also offer customized party options with a wine tasting ceremony and a tour of the vineyard.

Vineyard Party


You can always book a few rooms at the nearby luxe hotel which comes with a swimming pool. The entire bridal entourage can relax in their bikinis and pamper themselves to manicures and pedicures while sipping on cocktails.


On a Boat

Charter a private yacht for a party on a boat. In order to save on the budget, pack a homemade picnic lunch and carry your own drinks. Play some of the soon-to-be bride’s favourite music to get the party started.


Quizzing the Groom

You can always quiz the room about some interesting facts about the bride. You can then make her guess his answers to the questions. A wrong answer and she has to take a sip of liquor.

The Limousine Ride

Hire the hottest car in town for the ultimate bachelorette party experience. Make sure that there is enough champagne available and do not hesitate to splurge on VIP access to some of the best nightclubs in town.


Tie a Bow

This is a great idea for a bachelorette party. Tie a bow on each guest’s hand and allow the bride to be to untie the ribbon of the person who she wants a drink from. The chosen individual has to then buy her a drink from the bar.


The Road Trip

Use the last few days to bond with the bride to be by going on a road trip to either Las Vegas, or opting for a camping expedition to experience the outdoors.


The Ex-Charades

The gang of girlfriends can play an interesting and fun game of ex-charades. Each one of you can pretend to be an ex boyfriend or crush of the bride to be for a fun evening.

Spa Day Party

A spa day is just the perfect way for the bride to be to relax by taking advantage of a nice hot oil massage, a facial and even a relaxing sauna.



You can hire a professional chef to rustle up a gourmet dinner for the bride to be and other friends for a quiet evening of great food and wine.


Slumber Party

Roll back the years with a sleepover party at a friend’s place for a fun night of gossip and snacks in your old school pyjamas.

Slumber Party

Challenge the Bride to Be

A fun party idea is to challenge a bride to some fun tasks that range from mild to quite difficult (getting her to ask a random guy for his telephone number).


Singing along to your favourite tunes while you down some interesting cocktails is the best way to make a fool of yourself while providing entertainment to the others in the group.