100 Handmade Gifts for Men

Handmade Gifts

Want to impress the head of the table with some fancy handmade gifts? Here is a list that should help you out.

Message Mug

Buy a plain mug and write a cute message on it with a permanent marker. Decorate using bright colours.

Message Mug

Photo Bookmark

Make your hubby a lovely photo bookmark so that he can place it in his Bible after he’s done reading!

A Baseball Vase

If your papa is a sports lover, make him a sports vase by painting a simple vase using the sports theme.

Photo Pillows

You could get your boyfriend a lovely photo pillow by printing a picture of him in good fabric and stitching it on the pillow.

diy pillows

Birthday Card

Make your boyfriend a beautiful birthday card by folding coloured paper. Add a cute message to it.

diy birthday cards

Super Daddy Box Set

You know all the eatables your daddy loves, don’t you? Get hold of all and add them in a basket. Decorate and present.

Printable Card

Get your lover a nice printable photo card by pasting a picture of the two of you together and writing a cute message below.

T Shirt Love

Grab a plain t shirt and make a lovely intricate design your dad will absolutely love.

love tshirt

Breakfast Tray

Make your husband an amazing breakfast and serve it to him in a tray. Decorate with ribbons. Leave a note.

Chocolate Box

A chocolate box would be an absolute success if your man loves sweets. Take some dark chocolates, cookies and baked items and place them in a well decorated box. Stick a heart on top.

Fishing Cupcakes

Now you can make exciting fishing cupcakes for your dad by simply poking a stick through the cupcake and attaching a string to it. Fix a gummy worm in the end.

Fishing Cupcakes

Daddy Face Sandwich

A cool daddy face sandwich means cutting brown bread into circular shapes, placing cucumber and olives for the eyes, well shaped cheese slices for the moustache and a berry for the nose. Use tomato for hair.

Painted Can

Paint an old can and add all the necessary items your dad needs while travelling.

Moustache Mug

Get hold of a single coloured mug and paint a moustache in black.

Moustache Mug

Monogrammed Doormat

Get your man a nice monogrammed doormat. Use nice colours.

Monogrammed Doormat

Family Address Book

Make him a family address book and decorate the cover with chart paper. Make some nice designs with marker.

Origami Necktie

Men love their neckties. A personalized origami necktie is going to be appreciated much.

Food Gifts in Jar

You know all the eateries your husband cannot resist. Grab all collectibles, add them in a jar and decorate it.

Food Gifts in Jar

Garage Gift

Clean your husband’s garage; make him a ladder bookshelf using wood. Use paint for highlights.

Box of Curiosities

Remember there were a few things your husband wanted to buy but couldn’t because of some reason? You can get them all and place it in a decorated box!


Knit him a scarf using coloured wool.

Kiss Card

Make your lover a fancy kiss card. The exterior should be pink. The moment he opens it, he should find kiss written in bold.

Birthday Chart

You could make a cool birthday chart for your boyfriend by getting it signed by everybody with a message of love. Stick chocolates towards the ends.

cool birthday chart

Match Box Present

You could present your guy with a beautiful ring. Place it in a match box and use fancy wrapping paper.

Framed Poem

Write your lover a cute poem and get it framed.

framed poem gift

Picture Love

Click several pictures of yourself showing how much you love your better half. Bring them together in a card and present.

Cool Ash tray

Get hold of a plain astray and paint it with beautiful colours.


Stitch your dad a lovely black bow using wool.

I Love You Photo Frame

Get your man a lovely photo frame with I love you written in blocks. Stick pictures instead of colouring the blocks.

Guitar Jug

If your man loves guitar, buy him a simple jug and paint musical notes on it. Attach a toy guitar for the handle.

Guitar Jug

Heart Boxes

Make your man a lovely box in the shape of a heart. Keep all his favourite goodies and eatables in it.

Sticker Set

Get pass port size pictures of your boyfriend and stick them on a card. Use fancy colours for decoration.

Hand Stamp Card

You could make someone a nice handmade card for your dad by stamping your hand on the card.

Decorated Beer Bottle

Buy your boyfriends favourite kind of beer and decorate it with cute messages and marker.

beer bottle set


Make your guy a fine bracelet using trinkets at home.

Cupcake Tray

Get him some tea and cupcakes in a tray. Attach sticks to each cupcake and stick a heart on top.

Penguin Toys

Make him a cool penguin toy using an old bottle of cola and paint it with cool colours.

Penguin Toys

Love you Stitches

Tell you love him by stitching it on his pillow.


Get him a nice plain glass and paint a grey moustache on it.

Father’s Day Drinks

You know all the drinks your dad loves. Prepare some and pour them in empty glass bottles. Place them in a box and decorate them.

Shaving Kit

Buy him an all new shaving kit and keep them in an old shoe box. Decorate with wrapping paper.

Key Chain

Make him a lovely key chain using wood. Paste a picture of love birds.


Gift your man a nice woollen t shirt in a big envelope made by you.

Envelope gift

Log Keeper

Make your guy a lovely handmade bag so that he can keep all the logs he’s collected.

Homemade Soap

Take some time and effort in making soap for him. Use coffee and fragrance oils.

Baked Goodies

Bake your dad a lovely cake and present it to him with other baked goodies in a tray.

Phone Cover

Get your dad a lovely phone cover by making one at home. Use his favourite theme as designs.

diy Phone Cover

Massage Kit

You could your hubby a lovely massage kit. Add massage oils, cream, towel and wash cloth in a fancy box.


Go ahead and give your boyfriend a lovely collage. Take some of the two of you together and stick to a piece of cardboard.

Goodie Bag for him

Take an old bag and decorate it with sequins. Add his favourite items in it.

Housewarming Gift

Create a lovely housewarming present for a male neighbour by adding all the necessary items people would possibly need in a new home.

Fancy Bowls

You could gift a few colourful bowls to a close guy friend by painting it with colourful designs.

diy painted bowls

Date Night Gift

Gather chits of paper and jot down cool ideas for a date night with your man. He will love it.


Take the old cushions and pillows at your place and decorate them with some fancy stitching.

Gift Box for Lover

Prepare a cool card for your guy by grabbing a coloured piece of paper and folding it.

Balloon Collectibles Box

Now you can use balloons to make a lovely collectibles box for him. Cardboard should be used as well. Burst when done.

Valentine’s Day Basket

Get hold of a simple basket and keep all the stuff he adores. Dont forget to place a baseball.

Shoe Box Goodies

A Shoe box full of goodies will surely impress any man.

Movie Night Pack

If you are going to watch a movie with him tonight, get hold of all the stuff the two of you like and present it in a box.

Home Made Cologne

Make him some homemade perfume and present in glass bottles.

Homemade Cologne


Message Pillow

You can always share a cool message of love with your boyfriend by stitching something nice on his pillow.

Cream Box

Make some light scented cream for your man, place it in a circular box and make a cute note on the exterior.

Share a Banana

Share a cool banana with him and write a funny message on it with a black marker.

Base Ball Box

Make him a box in the shape of a baseball.

Candle Box

Present him a nice candle box by making candles at home and placing them in a cute box.

candle box

Specs Pouch

You could make him a cute specs pouch using cloth and paint.

The Man Bucket

Buy a fancy bucket and paint it gold. Add bottles of beer, duck tape, steaks, baseballs etc.


Make him some socks using plain coloured wool.

Marmalade Jar

If he loves marmalade, make some at home and gift it to him in a jar.

Map Coasters

If your man loves travelling, make him a nice map coaster.

map coasters

Card Board Love

Share a beautiful message of love on a piece of cardboard and attach chocolates to it.

Birthday Card

Make him a cute birthday card using paper, sketch pen, scissors and stencils.

Quote Frame

Take his favourite quote into account, frame it and present.

Handmade Signs

Make funny handmade signs for him so that he can hang it outside his room when he’s out.

Things That Define You

Get pieces of paper, write stuff you like about him and place it in a jar. I bet he will love it.

Gift yourself

Fit yourself in a huge box and present it to your husband. Dress well.

Photo Rubics Cube

Make a rubics cube using card board and stick your own pictures instead of colours.

To dDo Box

Use an old box and place white paper in it which can act as a to do list.

Tiles Photo

You could make him a fine tiles photo. Stick a nice picture of the two of you on it.

Knot Holder

Please him with a fancy knot holder.

Leather Journal

A nice notebook with leather covering would be amazing.


Get a plain apron and write an inspirational message.

Upcycled Handlebar Bag

You would require some wool and needles for this one.


Get him a wallet and add a picture of his favourite sports team.

Pencil Holder

An old piece of log with a couple of holes should be enough.

diy pen holder

Golf Bag

If he loves golf, you could make him a nice accessory bag to keep all his stuff.

Belt Rack

Take the hanger and fix some hooks on it. Simple!

Roll up Tool Organizer

This would help him keep all the screw drivers.

Necktie eEnvelope

Buy him a neck tie and place it in an envelope.

King of Hearts

Make him a red card and attach a picture of the king of hearts along with it.

Chocolate Wrappers

You can print them!

Cute Mugs

Get a mug and write mine on it in bold. He will love it.

cute mug

Picture Clock

Take a picture of the two of you and make a clock out of it.

Grill Rubs

Make him some grill rubs an place them in a circular container.

Car Travel Kit

If he is going somewhere, a good car travel kit with all his essential items would certainly help.

Laptop Desk

Use wood to make him a laptop desk.

I Pod Case

Use leather to make him an i pod case


Get something funny, print it and frame it on his wall.

Printed photo frame