10 Vintage Halloween Decorating Ideas

Vintage Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is the right time to party and people try to enjoy this party as per their wish. There are some common types of activities such as decorating the house, presenting gifts and getting ready for the dinner. You can also add some charm to your home by applying some of the best decorating ideas. Vintage style of decoration is now getting craze as Halloween is the best theme that suits. People try to adopt some of the best vintage ideas that can provide the best kind of decorating means. You can make use of the things present at home and need to purchase few of the other things to prepare best vintage Halloween decorating methods. It also depends on the creativity that you posses to prepare a good design at home.

Here Are The 10 Vintage Halloween Decorating Ideas:

Warning Message

Warning message can be kept near the entry of the home or you can also place them in your garden. Keep some strange messages that people will surely think of. Put a black cat near the superstitious message and this will really look superb to make people scare. It is a good vintage idea that is easy to make and display to the guests.

Warning message

Glass Box

Glass box should be properly designed and the old style round shaped glass can be used in order to display the best message to the guests. Put down a scary message on the paper and place them within the glass cover. You can also place an artificial owl near the message who will guide the message throughout the party. Place this box in the living room.

Glass box

Best Pumpkins

Pumpkins play a very important kind of role in order to provide the right kind of look during Halloween days. Pumpkins can be used as it is or can be easily painted. Put some glowing candle inside it and cut the pumpkins in the form of ghost face. This looks really nice if such ghost pumpkins are placed in the dark places such as garden.


Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns will surely help you to remind the old days, when lantern was the only method to get light. Take some good light weight mason jars and decorate the outer covering with orange or red color. Now insert candles inside it and tie one good ribbon on the neck. Now hang such different types of artificial lanterns all across the home.

Hanging lanterns

Window Webs

Window webs are one of the best vintage look during Halloween days. You can try this method simply on the windows or can take a part of the wall to display the spider webs. Take a wooden frame and hang it according to the size of the window. Now take some white color cotton thread and cotton swabs to design the entire spider web. This gives a scary look of very old window.

Window webs

Monster Table

This particular type of table should be designed in the garden so that the actual feeling of vintage decoration could be known. Put one old table in the garden and use various monster shape balloons nearby it. Hang few of the old lanterns and candles with customized pumpkins. Place some wine bottle on the table and a warning message near to it.

Monster table

Invitation Card

Invitation cards should also be printed as per the scary Halloween theme. Prepare some of the best scary cards made up of black color. Then use some white glittery pen to mention few of the messages that really scares people at the instant.

Invitation card

Dangerous Living Room

The living room is the main room that will be visited by the guests during Halloween days. Thus make sure to decorate the living room in a perfect manner. Use a black color cushion theme on the furniture. Use a cage that contains one artificial crow inside it. Hang some black banners with scary message. Ghost pumpkins should also be placed near to it.

Dangerous living room

Ghost Costumes

Instead of decorating the entire room with vintage ideas, you can also cover yourself with some of the best ghost costumes and can scare your guest as per your wish. Simply stand near the living room and invite them in a different manner. They will really get scare with the skeleton dress and mask at your face.

Ghost costumes

Scary Dinner Table

The dinner table can also be decorated with scary products. You can place one artificial skull just in the middle of the table. Put the plates ready on the table with cunning message on it. Put one old vintage style candle light holder on the dinner table and light the candles.

Scary dinner table