10 Ridiculously Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs

Valentine’s Day is a special type of moment in life, where couples and love partners are on sky high. It brings lots of joy and enjoyment for the love birds. Couples and love partners use to wait a year long for this particular occasion. It sets the mind with love and romance. Various kinds of activities are done during this special day and makeup is one of those important activities. Girls pay a lot of attention to their beauty and make sure to impress others with their special appearance. Special gifts along with beautiful appearance during Valentine’s Day will help a lot to grab attention. Nail art is applied on the nails to get desired look. There are different types of nail art available that can be directly applied on the nails.

Here Are The 10 Ridiculously Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs:

Hearts On Nails

Nails also help to add beauty to women. There are various types of nail arts available that can be simply added on the nails. Red color hearts are the special attention during Valentine’s Day. Try to give a light pink background color and print some bright red color heart on the nails. This looks superb and appealing to the other person.

Hearts on nails

Kittens On Nails

This type of nail art contains kittens on the nails in different version. Adding new born kittens on the nails with specific colors will surely grab the attention of people in few minutes. It will set the mood in love as it looks charming and romantic. Valentine’s Day is the best day to apply this particular nail art theme on the nails. A pink background will be superb to use this art.

Kittens on nails

Love Messages

Valentine’s Day is the best time to spread the love messages to dear ones. The way of conveying the messages are changed in this present day world. Nail arts can be utilized in order to pass down the message of love to others. Try providing a light background to the nails and print some black messages on the nails. This looks impressive to others.

Love messages

Heart With Flower Theme

Flower theme can be used along with heart to display one of the best nail art. Ladies, who really want to impress their loved ones during Valentine’s Day, can make use of this special theme to provide attractive looks to their nails. Try imprinting the flower shaped hearts on the nails. You can use red as the base color to attract the art.

Heart with flower theme

White Hearts

White hearts also look superb on dark background colors on the nails. White hearts can be considered as empty hearts on the nails. These kinds of hearts are painted on dark color background. This is the best method to print unique hearts on the nails. Provide a good radiant color background such as red, blue or other colors and print white hearts on it.

White hearts


Lovebirds are one of the common types of nail art that can be easily seen during Valentine’s Day special makeup session. All ladies are in great pleasure to take care of their beauty. Nails can be designed with some best lovebirds theme, where good looking birds will be printed on the nails. It looks impressive and passes down the message of love to others.


Key To Hearts

Hearts are the special type of theme during Valentine’s Day special. All kinds of themes are mainly prepared by keeping hearts in their mind. Prepare some glittering kind of hearts on the nails to attract others. The theme is to provide a key type look to the nails, which will easily pass down the message of love to the loved ones.

Key to hearts

Kiss Theme

When love is in the air, the entire mood is set to get a proper smooch. The kiss theme will thus work better in case of Valentine’s Day special beauty arrangements. Prepare some best kiss signs on the nail and it becomes the best nail art during this particular time. Lips sign on the nails will provide an appealing look to the love partners.

Kiss theme


Heartbeats are also the best theme in nail art. Painting the nails with best designs heartbeats will also pass down the message of love to others. Give a light background color to the nails and use vibrant red color to draw the heartbeat lines. This really looks heart touching.


Dotted Hearts

The heart theme on the Valentine’s Day can be painted as dotted frames. The painting of dotted heart on dark background color will provide a glowing kind of look. This is a very easy type of nail art that does not require much effort to apply it. Various kinds of color combinations cam be used in this theme.

Dotted hearts