10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Wife

10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Wife

Birthdays come once in a year and should definitely be celebrated with joy. Your wife must have created amazing moments for you for all your special occasions and thus, must have never let you down. It’s her birthday and now is your pay-back time. Reciprocate with all the love you feel for her in your heart and plan cute surprises for her that she will cherish all her life. Bring your A-game to the forefront and open your bag of surprises for her.

Here Are 10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Wife:

1. Treasure Hunt:

What’s the fun in giving a gift without making the other person work for it? This coming birthday, arrange a treasure hunt for your wife at home and get entertained. Place clues all over house and let her guess the ultimate destination. Each clue can lead onto the next and finally it will come down to the finale, your gift for her. You can start the first one with her bed tea and have her enjoy her birthday morning. A day begun well ends well surely.

Treasure Hunt

2. Flowers:

Ever wondered how boring and monotonous are flower bouquets that come at your door and are received by anyone not concerned whose birthday it is? Most of the times their cards fall out and the birthday girl doesn’t even know who has sent them. For your sweetheart, do things with a difference. Take her for a stroll in the park on her birthday and take her by surprise with your flower shower. Rent a machine that will rain love in the form of flowers on her for a few minutes and have her dance with joy.


3. Love Letter:

Gone are the days of staying awake all night and writing letters to your loved ones. There were times when posting letters and waiting for them to be received was a long-awaited process. The happiness of getting a letter saw no bounds. Get the old-world charm back for your beloved and sit to pen down all your feelings for her in a letter. Give this to her wrapped like a parchment on her birthday or leave it at her bedside table and surprise her.

 Love Letter

4. Studio Recording:

If anyone of you loves to sing and the other loves to listen, pick this surprise for your spouse on her birthday. Get into a recording studio and book a recording session. If it is your wife who loves to sing, give her a surprise by taking her to a studio for a private session and have a video taken for her to save the memory forever. On the other hand, if it is you, whom your wife loves to listen to, sing her favorite song, record it and take a video to gift to her on her birthday.

Studio Recording

5. You’ve got Mail:

On your wife’s birthday, if you are busy at work or in the worst-case scenario, out of town, then you surely are in a fix. You will have to count your blessings when you see this surprise gift choice. You can have huge placards customized with messages and love quotes for your wife. At regular intervals, send a messenger at home who would be standing with one placard every time she opens the door. She will be starry eyed once she sees how much you have planned even when you are not around.

You’ve got Mail

6. Dedicate Songs On Radio:

Music can express more than words can do. This time on your wife’s birthday, keep a list of songs ready for her. Arrange a playlist of songs to be played on her favorite radio show. If she is on her way to work and her radio is on, she will be on cloud nine when she hears her name, your special wish and song list for her. If she is at home, leave a note for her to switch on the radio and let her have her dreamy morning.

Dedicate songs on radio

7. Big Box of Surprise:

It is your darling’s birthday and you have bought her all that she could possibly want. Still you notice she is unhappy about something and then you realize she wants her mom, dad or a particular best friend around on her birthday like old times. Book their ticket and call them by first flight. Make them step inside a huge box and gift it to her. Place it at the door and ask her to open it and have her near ones spring up like a jack in the box and see her surprised and elated expression.

Big Box of Surprise

8. Photo Shoot:

You must have seen how women get all mushy when it comes to pictures and being photographed. They somehow love this always. Hence, have a family or a couple photo shoot planned for her for her birthday at an exotic location and turn it into a picnic. A day filled with love and laughter and of course, photographs, will have her count this birthday as the best ever. You can also invite her close buds over as the climax shot.

Photo Shoot

9. Music on Call:

Arrange for a professional guitarist who can come home at midnight and play for her. Have your balcony decorated with lights and have a cake setup done before hand. Take her there sharp at 12 and have a cake cutting session planned along with the guitarist playing happy birthday for her. She will be overjoyed. You both can even have a slow dance dedicated specially for her birthday.

Music on Call

10. Dance Class Enrollment:

You have been having a tight schedule since the past few days at work and have not been able to give your wife some quality time. Her birthday is approaching and she expects no less again. Surprise her by sending her an invite for a dance class that she always wanted to join. She will be a little surprised but when she finds you there waiting for her with flowers in one hand and dancing shoes in another, she will be ecstatic. An hour of dancing with you once a week for a few months will make up for all the lost time and will have her dancing over the moon.

Dance Class Enrollment