10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Husband

10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Husband

Birthdays are special. And when it is your husband’s birthday, it is extremely special and celebratory. You want to do everything in your capacity to make it grand for him and surprise him with love. The grandeur of celebrations is a choice but gifts are a necessity. This coming birthday make it amazing for him by giving him one of the below mentioned surprise gifts that will make him wonder in awe and make it a perfect birthday present for years to come.

Here Are 10 Perfect Birthday Surprise Gifts For Your Husband:

1. Breakfast With His Boys

Men will be men. And when you get them together, they can bring the house down. They like to have some boys’ fun be it any occasion. So, arrange a surprise breakfast at your husband’s favorite restaurant for him and his best buddies and be ready to see his reaction. Your husband will be on cloud nine and his big day will begin on a happy note. By giving him some lone time with his boys, you can be sure to enjoy the rest of his birthday with him in peace and love.

Breakfast With His Boys

2. Getaway

Everyone likes some time off from the usual routine and all the more when it is a hectic phase. Do your hubby a favor and book the nearest getaway for him. Be it with friends, family or only the two of you, a good break is always welcome. He will never take a leave or ask for something special, but you can surprise him with a getaway on his birthday and thus, gift him some relaxation and leisure time with his near and dear ones.


3. Extravagance On Wheels

If your husband loves cars, this is the perfect pick for his birthday surprise. If he is one who loves the antique feels, hire a chauffeur driven vintage car for him wrapped in a ribbon waiting at your doorstep as he is about to leave for work. His expression will be priceless. If you want to gift him ultimate luxury, book a limousine ride for him to remember and brag about. If he is one who loves hot rides, hire a sports car for a few hours or a modified car with all sports feels.

Extravagance On Wheels

4. Theme Party

A surprise birthday party for him is a go-to choice where you can invite friends and family and celebrate his special occasion with everyone. Just add on a twist to make it more fun and joyful. Decide on a theme for the party and send invites accordingly. A theme binds all guests together and makes it more entertaining for everybody at the party. You can choose themes like a casino party, karaoke night or a masquerade party and have the most amazing time all night long.

Theme Party

5. Video Compilation

A trip down memory lane makes everyone go “aww” and will make your sweetheart twinkle eyed too. You can start planning for this a month before by sending out messages to all his friends and family members to send a short video clip wherein they can talk about their memories together, how they met or any funny incident that took place involving your husband. Then you can get all these videos compiled into a short film and present it to the birthday boy. He will thank you with all his heart post watching this lovely video compilation.

Video Compilation

6. Play in Band

If your husband is someone who is passionate about his music and has always loved singing or playing an instrument, you can surprise him with this choice. You can book an empty spot in an emerging club band and take him there for the performance night. As he is sitting out there, sipping his drink and waiting for the band to start performing, have his name announced as one of the band members. He will be awestruck and will enjoy his birthday musical night.

Play in Band

7. Star Struck

Your husband means the world to you, maybe even the universe, so gift him an out of the world experience. Make him star struck, quite literally, by naming a star after him. You can pick the zodiac and submit the name of your husband and a star will be chosen for him. Gift him a beautifully wrapped certificate stating the same along with the map of the location of his star.

Star Struck

8. Initialed Shoes

If your man loves shoes and has a collection that would even give huge complexes to women, then this is the best gift for him. Get him smart loafers or casual sportswear and get these personalized for the birthday boy. You can get his initials in small letters on the pair or get one letter each of the initials on each shoe and gift him happy feet. He will surely feel like a lot of love for you.

Initialed Shoes

9. Music Compilation

Everybody loves music. Music gives peace to the mind and relaxation to the soul. Hence, get down to work and make a list of all his favorite melodies and songs. Once the list is made, compile this music and make a CD or a pen drive that can be used in the car. On his birthday, wrap this present and keep it on his car seat along with a little note that says, “To make your journey to work, a happy and melodious one”. You can hide somewhere behind cars to watch the sweet smile on his face.

Music Compilation

10. Private Match Screening

Almost every boy is a sports fan by birth. If your husband is one of them, arrange for a match screening for him at his favorite movie theater. Tell him that you both are going for a movie and ask his friends to be sitting in the auditorium already. As soon as he opens the doors, ask everyone to give him a birthday shout out and welcome him with birthday cheers. He will be taken by surprise when he realizes it is the same match screening which he was very upset about missing while watching the movie. He will hug you with open arms and jump with joy.

Private Match Screening