10 Innovative Children’s Party Gift Ideas

Children's Party Gift Ideas When children are young, they are influenced by their environment to a very great extent. Small gifts and tokens of love can incredibly change their lives.

The next time your son or daughter is invited to a party, here are some innovative party gift ideas you can consider.

Children’s Party Gift Ideas

A Game of Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that can radically enhance a child’s vocabulary. It is one of the most popular vocabulary based games in the world. The objective of this game is to form new words using letters you pick from a bag after each turn, in such a way, that you earn the highest number of points. Each word you form gives you points.


Scrabble can slowly but surely get children interested in learning new words – something they would not be interested in otherwise. Why not make this your next party gift?

An E-Learning Set

In the age of e-learning, an e-learning course can be an amazing gift. These days, you can find excellent e-learning resources that teach children of each class about their school curriculum using animations. Sometimes, children may get bored at school – but when you set them up in front of an educational animation, they may find it difficult to avert their gaze.

You can purchase e-learning software online through a simple Google search or at your nearby kids products store.

An Extra-Curricular Course Voucher

A unique birthday party gift would be a voucher that allows the kid to learn a certain skill for free. For instance, you could gift a ‘Kung Fu’ learning voucher, a music class voucher or a drawing class voucher.

Kung Fu learning voucher

If the actual extra-curricular course is expensive, you can also gift the kid a voucher that gives him or her a certain discount on the course. To get such a voucher, contact an extra-curricular course center near the kid’s home. You can be sure the kid will truly benefit from such a gift and his parents will love it too!

An Illustrated Biography

When I was a child, I remember feeling inspired after reading abridged versions of biographies of great people. There are many illustrated and abridged versions that tell stories of people who changed the world and these can be ideal birthday gifts.

A biography will give the child a role model to look up to. It will also put some wonderful ideas in his or her head which may bear fruits as he or she grows up.

A Vocabulary Building Card Set

A card set that has words and sentences can be a great way to learn words. I once saw a young girl who was so excited as she played vocabulary building cards, that she didn’t want to stop playing. Some card sets have grammer questions along with vocabulary based ones – and you are awarded points when you answer these questions correctly.

A Vocabulary Building Card Set

If you gift the birthday boy or girl such a set, he or she will definitely learn quite a few new words while parallely enjoying the process very much. You can easily find such sets through a Google search or through your local children’s games store.

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A Diary With Questions

Yet another great party gift can be a diary that has questions written on each page which the child is supposed to answer. This gift will encourage the child to write and express his thoughts in a focused way.

Regular adult diaries simply have pages that we fill but children won’t understand what to write in these diaries if they are given such a diary. That is why, a diary with interesting questions can tickle their imagination and make them write. If you can’t find such a diary anywhere, you can add the questions yourself. An example of a stimulating question is – What did you like about school today? Another question can be – Who do you want to be when you grow up?

An English Enhancing Game DVD

There are loads of computer based, english learning games that you can gift the birthday boy or girl (if it is a birthday party). Many of these games involve building towers, completing levels, characters who run around and interesting animations.

An English Enhancing Game DVD

A simple Google or Amazon search will give you access to tens of such games. Select one that looks entertaining and also enhances English grammer skills. The child you will gift the game to, will love you for this gift when he grows up!

An Amusement Park Trip Voucher

Most children love trips to amusement parks. You can gift a trip to an amusement park to the boy or girl hosting the party. Just call up the amusement park authorities to find out how you can collect a voucher.

If you want, you can include the entire family’s trip in the voucher. This way, you will help the child’s family create some really memorable moments through your gift.

A Fancy Stationary Set

All children need to use stationary at school, so giving a stationary set, a fancy pencil box, or some funny looking pencils is a good idea.

a fancy pencil box

You can be sure that the child will actually use your gift in daily life. Children can be very possessive and proud of their stationary sets – and they will love you for the gift when they unwrap your present.

A Science Kit

A science kit is a good party gift idea that can stimulate the child’s mind at a young age. Most science kits have simple equipment that kids can use to light up bulbs, make a fan rotate or even create a tiny steam engine. These science projects will definitely get the child interested in science and also expand his thinking skills.

I still remember being extremely captivated by the science kit that I was gifted as a child. Conducting science experiments on their own helps children really understand basic science concepts – which they may not grasp at school where more emphasis is laid on theory.

So, those are 10 fascinating party gifts you can definitely give to your child’s friend. Of course, feel free to modify any of these ideas or combine them to come up with a gift you will be excited to give. Have a great children’s party!