10 Fun and Fabulous Bridal Shower Gifts


When a girl is about to get married, there are a million thoughts that run through her mind. She is almost always occupied and lost in these thoughts, oblivious to anything that is going on around her. It is her big day, it is she who is going to step into a new world, start a new journey. She undeniably deserves a break or in the least a day, which relaxes her and takes away her worries, gives her an occasion to smile without a reason, laugh without interruptions and enjoy with all heart and soul. She gets this much-deserved treat when her friends and family get together and present it to her along with these below mentioned gifts to make her day a memorable one.

10 Fun and Fabulous Bridal Shower Gifts

Personalized Bath Robes

Thinking out of the box becomes necessary when it comes to gifts for your near and dear ones. You do not want to be repetitive and give something which they find new and exciting. Hence, you can get bath robes personalized with the bride and groom’s initials on them. Every girl likes a little bit of personalized co-ordination with her husband. This gift is sure to bring a twinkle in her eyes.


Survival Kit

Amidst the chaos and commotion of the wedding day and all the ceremonies that precede, it is possible that the bride may overlook the small things she might immediately need post her wedding in her new house. You can be her savior. You can pack these things into a small pretty looking kit and gift it to her for her bridal shower. This kit can include makeup remover, cotton, hair brush, body lotion, dental set, pocket perfume, basic makeup, and many similar items. It will definitely make her feel that you care.


Naughty Games

If you are a friend and a close one, you want to be naughty and personal with your darling bride to be friend and soul sister. This is the moment you have been waiting for. Get close and personal by getting her all the wicked games you can find. There are a lot of games available for newlyweds like cards and dice games which will create some erotica between those two and bring gossip for you when you meet her post her initial wedding days.



This is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of bridal shower gifts for our friends. However, even though lingerie is the most common thing on the block, we cannot do away with this necessity. It has been and will always be an integral part of any bridal shower. So, go out there, raid the stores and get your friend the most sensual lingerie that kindles the fire between the couple. You can also get some for the groom to be a little different from the rest.


Packing List

When a girl is getting married, she makes lists of all the things she wants to buy right from the wedding outfit to the ceremonial footwear. She jots down all that she wants to purchase for her new house and her new life. But, doing all the shopping and forgetting things at home will be of no use if she does not make a Packing List. You, as a best friend, can help her remember everything she needs to take along with her by penning down everything she has shopped for and needs to pack in her trousseau. This packing list can be passed on for generations and put your name in her family history.


Honeymoon Hamper

Right after the wedding ceremonies are over, you know that the bride and groom will be leaving for their honeymoon. Why not give something that is a part of their special holiday. You can create a Honeymoon Hamper with all naughty things that are sure to get the duo excited. This hamper can comprise handcuffs, hunter, blind fold, feathers, and some champagne to kick-start it all.



Every girl, when she gets married, wants to take along with her the well wishes and blessings of all her close family and friends. There are times when she will miss them and it will not be possible to talk to each member. It is for those times, that you can make her a scrapbook with messages and pictures from all her dear ones which she can read time and again and feel their presence around her.


Pre-Wedding Getaway

It is commonly said that you do not remember the nights that you slept away. This is the time to create some lifelong memories with your girl gang. Get going and plan a surprise pre-wedding getaway for the bride to be. She will be devoid of all her stress and have the time of her life with her girlfriends at a place far away from all the wedding madness. You can also invite her beau if you wish so that she can enjoy sometime alone with him which is not possible in the commotion they are surrounded with all the time.


Treasure Box

Treasure boxes is what childhood is made of. If you two have been friends for the longest time, you would know everything that is close to the bride’s heart and she would like to treasure always. Therefore, you can make a treasure box for her by getting into the crafty mode of things and decorating it with all cute and girly stuff possible. Your friend will always keep this box with her very special belongings and it will take her down memory lane every time she will open and find her most treasured possessions in one place.

Treasure Box

Book Basket

Girls like to note down everything they know and want to remember for a long period. Thus, for your bride, you can conceptualize a basket that would consist of books. A book of firsts to write down every new and joyful thing that happens for the first time after her wedding. A book of recipes for her to win the hearts of her new family members repeatedly.


A personal diary to jot down her daily feelings which will calm her down in this new phase of life. A book of tips just for fun which you can include from your personal experiences if you have already been married.