10 Endearing Themes For Little Girl’s Birthday Party


If you have a little girl at home, you know what birthday parties mean to her. Children are always super excited to celebrate their birthdays and have everyone at home work around the same. Girls are a little different when it comes to this special day. They will have a list of things ready with them and they want all of them done right away. In the midst of these demands, if you have a particular theme finalized, everything else will fall into place and make it easier for you to make this day out of the ordinary for her. Below is a list of some endearing themes for your little girl’s birthday party.

Here Are The 10 Endearing Themes For Little Girl’s Birthday Party:

1. Candy Shop

Kids and candies go a long way. For a candy theme, you can have invites sent out with a candy box or have them printed on big edible lollipops. Candy vending machines, candy bouquets, candy string hangings are some of the decorations that you can put up. You can have a candy shop set up on one side. For all the games that the kids win, they can choose their prizes from this candy shop. A cake in the shape of a candy or a two-tier cake full of candy frosting will be apt. For return favors, you can have small hampers customized which can be filled with various candies and chocolate bars.


2. Pretty In Pink

Pink is synonymous with girls. When you think of girls, right from birth, the first thing that comes to your mind is the color pink. Hence, this is the most befitting theme for your little girl’s birthday party. Invites colored or printed in pink along with pink polka dots will go well with this theme. You can have everyone dressed up in a shade of pink in your family. The cake and decor can be in pink color too as you will have various options for both as pink is a very easily available color.


3. Land Of Fairies

The first story you tell your daughter is one of fairies. She begins her dreams with those of fairy tales and princesses. Hence, a fairy tale theme will fulfill all her dreams that she sees at a young age. You can get her birthday dress that depicts either Snow white or Cinderella making her look like a fairy herself with a wand in her hand and a tiara on her head. You can have cut-outs of Disney princesses at your venue as decor. The cake can be in the same shape too. You can have a fairy 3D image as an invite to the party and get everyone excited from the very beginning.


4. Magical Winter Wonderland

If its winters and you have chosen an open-air venue, this is the perfect theme for your little girl’s birthday party. You can create a magical wonderland, by setting up fun-fair activities. You can have stalls with games and food, like the ring game and candy floss cycles. You can have soft-toy game vending machines and ice-cream vendors on stalls. You can have an artificial snow corner as well. If the weather permits, you can have ice sculptures set up too. Everything together will look very magical and wonderful.


5. Rainbow Riot

Kids are said to bring colors in the parents’ lives. Using this metaphor and deciding on a Rainbow theme is a great idea. You can place colorful things as standees for decor. Flowers, balloon canopies, paper fans, etc, can be used in colors of the rainbow. A Rainbow layered cake can be cut surrounded with colorful cupcakes. You can do up a sky backdrop with a big rainbow, sun and clouds for instant pictures to be taken as memories and gifted as favors to your guests.


6. Hollywood Highness

Almost every girl in her childhood is seen dressing up and posing in front of the mirror. Each little one wants to have her own Hollywood dream. Thus, to justify her wish, you can have a Hollywood themed birthday party. Have her dressed up as a glamorous little miss and keep the dress code black-tie. Roll down a red carpet at the entrance for a glitzy effect. Have the little kids ramp walk in their amazing outfits and announce little miss diva and little mister stud for the party.


7. Vintage Tea Party

A vintage tea party will look so classy and adorable at the same time with little girls sitting around in tiny chairs. You can place a long table with tiny cups and small plates on them as decor. You can set up open cups and kettles as centerpieces with flowers and candles in them. The invitations can go out along with gloves and pearled neck pieces for girls to all look similar and cute. You can have a cupcake and cookie making corner for the kids and their parents. A giant tea cup would make up for a great and tasteful cake.


8. Barbie Birthday

Every little adolescent girl has played with a Barbie doll in her childhood days. Girls grow up with Barbie dolls as their playmates. Hence, a birthday party with Barbie as the theme will have them jumping with joy. All girls can dress up as Barbie and all boys as Ken. You can have a game where they dress up their own Barbie doll with the winner as the best groomed one. Return favors can consist of Barbie dolls or Barbie accessories depending on your budget.


9. Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig videos have become a part of every kid’s pass time. The first thing you do when you want your child to have her food is play another Peppa Pig video. A few Peppa pig figures moving all around the venue and playing with kids will be entertaining. Kids will love to take pictures with them and show them off to other kids not included in the guest list. A Peppa Pig birthday cake will be the cherry on top.


10. Fun With Floral

Flowers are considered girlish, so why not, use them as the birthday theme for your girl. Have daisies and roses shaped cut-outs all over as decor. Get your daughter a very cute flower printed dress. Have floral tiaras for all kids to be worn and move around at the party. You can give floral bracelets and neck pieces as return favors as all girls always love to dress up.