10 Easy And Delicious Easter Treats And Desserts

Easy And Delicious Easter Treats And Desserts

We all wait for a whole year for Easter and are really excited because with it comes the joy and excitement to celebrate with the family. Everyone around us is happy and cheerful and it feels like the whole world is busy making desserts and treats. We are here to help you with the dessert and treat part with our 10 easy and delicious Easter treats and dessert list.

Here Are The 10 Easy And Delicious Easter Treats And Desserts:

The Famous Bunny Cake

The Easter celebration is incomplete if you hadn’t made an Easter bunny cake. Bunnies and Easter go way back and have a share are a really strong bond. Making a bunny cake is very easy too, as you would only need a lot of coconut and marshmallows. Use the coconut to make the fur while use the marshmallows for making its feet. Other ingredients like Biscotti could be used for making ears and nose.

The famous bunny cake

Yummy Easter Carrots

Actually Carrots have nothing to do with the recipe it’s just the resemblance which it gives looks like carrots. All you need to do is take some strawberries, cover them with chocolate and then make them look like carrots. That’s it, not only they look gorgeous, but also taste like heaven. You can use them for garnishing cakes or keep them around the house to give the Easter feeling.

Yummy Easter Carrots

Yummy Pretzels

Who doesn’t like Pretzels and you can make various characters like a bunny or a duck seem alive when you would make them using pretzels. All you need to get is various colored icings and pretzels (even mini pretzels would do) and you are ready to make any character come to life. You can also fill the treat bags with these miniature pretzels.

Yummy Pretzels

Cinnamon Rolls Shaped Like A Bunny

Bunny shaped cinnamon rolls are way too delicious as much as they look cute. All you need to do is bring canned or packed cinnamons rolls and use various dry fruits like almonds to make the bunnies eyes and nose. You can serve the bunny for breakfast or in the garden parties too. The best part about this recipe is that major work is already done and all you have to do is add the decorations.

Cinnamon Rolls shaped like a Bunny

Easter Truffles

The best part about Easter is getting to eat various kinds of treats and desserts among them truffles are one of the best to eat. Chocolate truffles can be made very easily all you need to arrange for are Easter chocolate and then shape them so that they appear like eggs. You can easily add them to your treat basket or have them at dinner, these eggs serve all purposes.

Easter truffles

Yummy Marshmallow Peeps

It’s amazing to see the colorful peeps you can make from marshmallow pops. The recipe is not that tough all you need to do is take marshmallow, add color and lots of sugars thereby create beautiful peeps. The best thing about Peeps is that nobody hates them so you can offer it to anyone without thinking twice. Just make sure not to overeat, as it contains a lot of sugars, but that totally depends on you.

Yummy marshmallow Peeps

Moon Pies Made With Eggs

Moon pies look amazing and you can make them easily in your home. While making them you can easily make it look like Easter eggs that you can easily use for decorating your house. After making the pies you can garnish it with candy, sprinkler or even better use lollipop sticks and make a beautiful bouquet of them. The only thing that you have to take care is that you should consume them within a few hours as they won’t hold that long.

Moon Pies made with eggs

Snowballs For Easter

Homemade snowballs are very easy to make, all you need to do is make a snowball cake and then decorate them with coconut coating ,making them taste even better and diving them a snowy look. You can also add color to them so as to make them appear even more spring like.

Snowballs for Easter

Baby Chick Shaped Marshmallow

This is really a fun exercise and you could make this recipe with the help of your kids too. All you need is a bag of marshmallow and little jelly beans or gems to make for the beak. It doesn’t take any time and qualifies for the easiest recipe for Easter treats.

Baby Chick shaped marshmallow

Easter Egg Chicks

If you have made deviled eggs, then you can easily make the Easter egg chicks. All you have to do is make deviled eggs and then decorate them to look like chicks. For making the facial features you can use almonds and raisins and for feet you can use carrots. Not only they look amazing your kids will eat them happily.

Easter egg chicks