10 DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

People always like to be in celebrations mood as it is the right time to party with near as well as dear ones. Halloween is one such type of celebration that provide scary theme as the major intention to scare others. People are always ready to scare others in various forms. Thus they try to cook some food items that look scary, gift items that also look scary, and home decors that also display the scary theme. It is one of the best ideas to use Mason jars that can also cooperate to provide scary look to the items. It is very easy to modify the Mason Jars and give them various shapes according to the demand.

Here Are The 10 DIY Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries:

Scary Orange Pumpkin Mason

Mason jars can be used in specific manner to provide different kinds of look. They can be used for luminaries in various formats. Take one Mason jar and covet it entirely with an orange color paper. Now use a black ribbon to tie it on the mouth. Use some special size eyes and mouth drawn on black color and paste it on the jar. Lit one candle inside the jar and enjoy this Halloween Mason jar.

Scary orange pumpkin Mason

Acrylic Color Jars

Take few of the Mason jars and color them perfectly with various types of acrylic color. You can use these colors to provide a unique type of look to the Mason jars. You can really make sure to select particular type of color. Use one black sketch to draw the scary eyes and teeth. Keep them in the living room and use candles inside it to give better look.

Acrylic color jars

Mummy Mason Jars

The look of mummies always seems to be scary for all people. They can be used to prepare special types of theme during Halloween occasion. Take one Mason jar and cover it entirely with gauze materials so as to give the look of a mummy. Now slide one of the layers of the gauze and insert two big eyes made up of black paper. This will help to provide the desired look of mummy. Light one candle inside it.

Mummy Mason jars

Lantern With Mason Jars

Lanterns can be prepared by using mason jars that looks very pretty as well as scary during Halloween time. Take few of the mason jars and stick some lines on the jars in the form of spider web. Now spray paint on the jar and then remove the web lines. This will provide natural spider web look. Light a candle inside the jar and enjoy best latest lanterns.

Lantern with mason jars

Mason Castle

Castles are always seen as haunted as people do not stay in it. The exact look of a haunted castle can be drawn on the Halloween Mason jars. Take four Mason jars and sketch down the exact image of a haunted castle with black sketch pen. Keep all the jars side by side and then light them from behind. The illuminating pink light will add best look to the jars.

Mason castle

Painted Mason Jars

The mason jars can be used to draw various types of Halloween scary ideas. They should be used to draw different styles of face on the jar and illuminate with candles. You can also use various color candles that will add charm to the colored jars. Use around ten jars side by side to make a group of scary mason jars.

Painted Mason jars

Black And White Jars

The best mason jars can be used to prepare some of the best looking scary jars during Halloween time. Mason jars are available in various sizes and shapes. You can select some of the extraordinary type of jars and cover them with black and white color, resembling to that of ghost. It will really look scary and the group of jars will become the best theme.

Black and white jars

Ghost Within Mason Jar

Use some ghosts prepared with white cloth inside the mason jars and illuminate the jars with lights from behind. Make the Mason jar open and keep the hanging ghosts inside the jar. Make many more jars like this and keep them in proper group to provide a scary white ghost group.

Ghost within Mason jar

Paper Burning Flames

Use some papers to draw the best lines resembling to that of the burning fire. Draw fire flames on a dark paper and then cut them according to it. Now use these cut paper fire flames on the neck of the Mason jar and light a candle inside the jar.

Paper burning flames

Scary Jungle Look

Take around four mason jars and use a black color sketch to draw tree and other shrubs on it. Now keep the jars side by side and light a golden yellow color light from behind. Use a good dark background and arrange the jars such that the scary look in jungle will come in the house.

Scary jungle look