10 Cute And Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Homemade Easter Basket

Easter is the time of merry making and exchanging gifts. There are lot of gifts available in the market but the most common ones are the Easter basket. However rather than purchasing it from the market. It is better to make your own Easter basket at home. Below are some cute Easter baskets which will require your creativity to make a perfect gift.

Here Are The 10 Cute And Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas:

Barbie Basket

Girls usually are very much fond of Barbie dolls. You can take a plastic basket. Purchase a Barbie doll from the market. Make some beautiful dresses for the Barbie and create a cute wardrobe inside the basket. You can also decorate the basket with pink ribbons and add few chocolates and snacks to make it an amazing basket gift for girls.

Barbie basket

Baby Basket

This is a really cute basket. Use red ribbons to decorate the basket. Put few Easter bunnies which is a common gifting option. Also add baby clothes, some toys and lot of candies and chocolates. Instead of using a plastic basket get a toy car or a designer toy and put the items in it. You can also cut bunny faces out of paper and paste on this toy basket to make a cute basket.

Baby basket

Toddler Basket

Take a bamboo basket or a toy truck. Fill it with goodies which toddlers like such as chocolates, few toys, usage items like cute tiffin boxes, water bottles, healthy snacks etc. also you can add some learning ideas by putting animal stickers, alphabets, flower stickers which helps the toddler to identify objects and decorate it with multicoloured ribbons and bows to make it a perfect gift.

Toddler basket

Soft Toy Basket

This is a really cute basket and can be used as a gifting item for all age groups. Use your creativity to create small soft toys such as rabbits, dogs, cat, kangaroos etc. create animals and birds out of fur of your choice. Take a basket and fill it with soft toys. As Easter bunnies are common you can also add them along with artificial carrots. Nicely decorate the basket with coloured ribbons.

Soft toy basket

Personalised Basket

This basket allows you to use your own creativity. You can fill the basket with goodies of your choice. You can select the gifting item for any age group and fill the basket with it. You can cut out the names of the person using coloured paper and paste it on the basket. You can also make some craft work like flowers, stars etc and put it on the basket.

Personalised basket

Boy’s Basket

When it comes to making a boy basket toy cars are very common. Purchase few toy cars. Make some egg shells at home and put these toy cars inside them. Decorate the basket with these egg shells. Place some candies inside the basket and add few crayons, drawing books to make it a nice boy’s basket.

Boy’s basket

Father’s Basket

You can keep this basket very simple. Take a wooden basket. Purchase goodies of your father’s wish such as purse, a nice tie, pair of socks, mobile covers etc. wrap these goodies in different colour papers and place them inside the basket. You can cut a moustache out of paper and stick it on the basket. Also write a personalised note for your father and gift this basket to him.

Father’s basket

Mother’s Basket

Mother’s like gifts and Easter basket can come as a big surprise for them. Fill the Easter basket with gifts of mother’s choice. You can add simple stuffs like coffee or tea packets of your mom’s choice, few gifts like handbag, soft toys or expensive gifts like gold bangles, earrings or a chain. Decorate the basket with ribbons of different colours and add a personalised message for her to make her feel special.

Mother’s basket

Bunny Basket

Easter bunnies are common and very special. Use your creativity to create a bunny basket. Take a plastic jar or a small plastic bucket. Cut bunny out of paper, make its eyes, lips and big ears and stick each part on the bucket to give it a different and creative look. Fill the basket with goodies and make it a perfect Easter gift.

Bunny basket

Ribbon And Bow Basket

Take a large basket. Take ribbons of different colours and decorate the basket. Leave long strands of different colour ribbons and let it flow from the basket. Also use bows of different colours and use it as butterflies to decorate the basket. Fill in goodies that make a great and innovative gifting option. Also add some sugary delight such as candies and chocolates. Add few soft toy bunnies to it.

Ribbon and bow basket

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