10 Art Inspired Wedding Invitations

You are going to tie knots with your partner, everything is set and the excitement can be seen on every individual who is close to you. But remember the old say, “first impression is the best impression.” Well, this holds true for almost everything. What is your first impression here? The Wedding Card.
Let people be amazed and as much surprised when they receive your wedding invitation which as beautiful and as amazing as the couples who are going to marry. It should leave a mark of creativity and originality to your guests. Bringing for you, 10 art inspired wedding invitation. Hurry up, get some advice and have one for you wedding to create a sense of how the grand affair of your wedding is going to be.

Here Are 10 Art Inspired Wedding Invitations

1. The Modernists

I just love this design and there are way too many reasons for it. The beautiful layout and the masterful fonts keeps it uniquely simple and intriguingly attractive. Using luxe paper for the writings and keeping it simple and striking, it is a bold take on modern art and that onto Wedding Invitations. This is sure to make you fall in love with and is undoubtedly the best art inspired wedding invitation. Designed by Angela Marzuki, this is the best.

The Modernists

2. Midnight Wedding Cards: Gold-Pressed

This is sure to bring the classiness close and duplicity away. It is pure, originals and very unique. Those, who are planning a gathering filled with colours, your pick is this. Using luxe paper for better quality, and golden brown spaghetti design on the face, it is simply amazing. And it comes in many shapes, not just regular rectangular but other criss-cross designs too.

Midnight Wedding Cards Gold Pressed

3. Bernhardt

This is unique and not from the creators of Minted. It gives the card an ancient look and momentarily points towards a royal wedding at a royal palace. If that’s what you are planning, this has to be your choice. Best paper quality and intricate colours used for its making, it is simply unique and amazing. It is available in colours of your choice and is originality at its best.


4. Peacock

Save the Date, this post card cum Wedding Invitation card is undeniably the best work of art depicted on a card. The name Peacock and the art work depicted is terrific. It looks ancient and similar to the royal tradition touch that Bernhardt brings you. Open-close with intricately beautiful designs, this wedding invitation is perfection at its maximum.


5. Midnight Bouquet

Dark and darker. It is classic and something unnatural. Black is a favourite of many, and this wedding invitation doesn’t disappoint you with its black background and colourful roses in the front. The name gives you a hint of what it has to offer. The large and beautiful bouquet of flowers on the face, with the texts written beautifully with rich ink, it is simply and uniquely amazing.

Midnight Bouquet

6. Painted Chevrons

Yet another by Minted, this wedding invitation is undeniably the most unique, different and exceptional piece in this whole list. It looks as clean as it can, pure white and your favourite yellow. It is simple but gives you a lot of options to choose from. The shape of the card which can vary from a regular to flowery styled or even curved edges. The colours, though I prefer yellow, can vary from any other colour that you like. Brush strokes, simple and unique. This card has to be your choice.

Painted Chevrons

7. Southern Peach

An envelope of your choice and a card which has the potential to please everybody. This might have been placed a little low in the rankings, but do oblige on what this has to offer. A beautiful artwork of florals. Colours are used in the most innovative and intriguing manner. This gives you a blush of beauty that it contains and is a treat to eyes for sure. Gives you options to choose your best colour and any changes that you might prefer, this wedding invitation is for you.

Southern Peach

8. Vibrant Union

Round mixture of many colours, this beautiful art inspired wedding invitation is originality to its core. It spacious and gives you enough to be put up as texts and classic because of the art work that is depicted. Though, my personnel choice would go for the blue colour and regular shape, you have the options of opting the favourite colour of your choice.

Vibrant Union

9. Gallery Abstract Art

This wedding invitation look best with curved edges and yellow-green art, depicting the beauty in the simplicity of the art that is depicted. It will assure you a smile on the face of the guests when they receive this wedding invitation, not just for the happiness for the couples but in the manner of this card, which they receive.

Gallery Abstract Art

10. Peach Strokes

This wedding invitation is all about what it name tell you. Beautiful strokes of colours, light and unique. It cab set the tone for your wedding if you planning it for a few close friends and a quite affair. On luxe paper, this wedding invitation by Minted is pure class. The card depicts the excitement of the beholders and the simplicity of their behaviour. This has to be your choice if you planning your wedding with just those who are extremely close to you.

Peach Strokes